1. Shawn Gossman

    Sims 4 Zone Forum

    Sims 4 Zone Forum A forum dedicated to this Sims 4 game. http://www.sims4zone.com/forum/ Launched in November 2015 XenForo Powered Using Pixel Exit theme, Resource Manager, Media Gallery
  2. Kintaro

    Multiple instances for RM not planned

    I was hoping that with 2.0 version of RM (or XF) the 1# suggestion for RM was considered... But it's not :-( https://xenforo.com/community/threads/multiple-instances-of-resource-manager.99816/ I think xf lost a great opportunity not planning it. What do you think?
  3. r3v0lution

    FINALLY - get to start playing with XF

    I just got my license and downloaded XF. I anxious to get it installed to the site, but first wanted to know if anyone has done this: Currently have a WP site, with some articles that I don't wan to lose. What is the process of moving my WP install into a sub-directory so that I can install XF...
  4. Mike Edge

    Found/Closed Hockey Enthusiast? Help beta test Pucksters!

    Name of site (and/or forum): Pucksters Link to forum: Still private Genre: Social Network for the hockey enthusiast. Forum Software: xenForo with many custom changes. Total number of posts the forum has received: N/A Seeking (admin/moderator/other): Beta Testers Paid Position (yes/no): Custom...
  5. Adzkii

    Installing Addons problem?

    Hello guys, I'm having issues installing a addon, so i install the files then after i install the .xml file in the admin control panel it says "processing..." finishes the install process but it doesn't install i get an warning message saying "There are manual rebuild processes that have been...
  6. r3v0lution

    New to TAZ

    I have been creeping this site lately in order to learn a bit about the Xenforo software. Looking to trade in my crappy WP+phpbb site for the real deal. Was looking at the top 3, and while vBulletin seemed to be more friendly, the hacking fiasco of last weekend made up my mind for me. Anyways...
  7. Maxxamillion

    Awaiting Email Activation

    Is there a xenforo addon that allows me to mass accept or deny users that are awaiting email confirmation, as i literally have to click one one and selected each one individually. I would like to make it less time consuming if possible
  8. =MGN=RedEagle

    Starting a new forum, need input, advise & helpers! - Economic Xenforo Forum

    Mods: I was not sure if posting here or in Community Cooperative was appropriate. I ask for both feedback AND help. I have a real passion for economics but the subject is complicated and it would be great to have a Xenforo forum in which people could share ideas, ask questions and work...
  9. Kevin

    CSS ideas for dressing tags at top of threads?

    I'm looking for ideas/suggestions/examples of dressing up the display of thread tags at the top of the thread page. I don't recall seeing any out there and am curious in having them stand out a bit. (It's a shame Shelley isn't working on XF anymore :().
  10. Malcolm

    XenForo Simplicity 1.2.0

    Meet Simplicity! This is my first style that I've ever made, so please cut me some slack. The design is meant to be simple, nothing too complex. I'm looking for feedback! The more feedback I get the more I can improve. If you have a problem/bug please contact me first before posting a review...
  11. Digital Doctor

    Should Xenforo have Groups ?

    Seems kinda old school. What community software has a good groups function ?
  12. Digital Doctor

    Xenforo native Tags on TAZ: will they be useful ?

    Saw some tags today here on TAZ. Is there even the remotest chance that a [FORUM] tag on TAZ will ever help anyone ever ? Will TAGS be useful to TAZ members ? TAZ ? I'm not really convinced they will be as they are today. I think admin-driven tags for only the best threads is the way to...
  13. Maxxamillion

    Permission Addons

    Are there any addons that make setting permissions for usergroups easier. For example i could really use the option 'to copy from another set of permission' so that way i could select copy permission set from said usergroup
  14. JordanH

    XenForo Copyright Removal

    So 99% of the time, I buy copyright removal on any plugins and such. I normally would create a dedicated "credits" page in the help section displaying copyright to all addons and themes even if I had bought copyright removal or not. I like to show support for developers. I just not a fan of...
  15. Floyd R Turbo

    Apache PHP Xenforo / FFMPEG

    I have a VPS running Centos 6.7 and I've been trying to figure out how to install FFMPEG so I can upload videos via XFMG. I have a set of videos for our club that were on the old site (DNN) and I would like to get them up on the new site now that this capability exists. I"m a bit of a newb...
  16. dougdirac

    merge conversations in XenForo?

    Anyone have a way to do that? I'm thinking mainly after testing a vB to XF import there are a bunch of PMs that become single post "conversations" that really should be merged so you have a proper threaded conversation. Basically after importing the PMs, all conversations that have the same...
  17. H

    People Cant register on my xenforo website

    When ever people try to register on my website they get this message 1.Please enter a name that is at least 3 characters long. 2.Please enter a valid email. 3.Please select a valid time zone. But they have already entered in the correct information, and it doesnt show anywhere you can select...
  18. Adam M

    Feedback: Messaging-esque post style

    Hi guys! What do you think of the following messaging-esque style? (Posts by the current user will turn blue and have the message user info on the right) Yay or nay?
  19. beGood

    Customising vbulletin or xenforo to look like this?

    I like the look of this forum http://forums.crackberry.com and I'm wondering how hard would it be to customise vbulletin or xenforo to look like this. I think its vbulletin 4.2 (from help given in a previous discussion) i like the contrast between the tjuzery going on on the right and the...