1. Freelancer

    When will you shift from XF1 to XF2?

    This is directed towards those admins that use the XenForo platform for professional reasons (business owners with premium communities). What is your plan with XF2? Will you force it no matter what or will you "play it safe" and wait until you are 100% sure everything XF1 will work under XF2...
  2. Digital Doctor

    Custom Avatar for certain prefixes in thread listing ?

    Anyone seen an addon that changes the Avatar based on the thread prefix used ?
  3. BrandonSheley

    Offering $$ Several Wordpress, vBulletin & xenForo Services

    Position requested: vBulletin, xenForo & Wordpress developer, designer & marketing consultant Past experiences: Well over 100 listed on my portfolio page Software you're familiar with: Proficient in vBulletin, xenForo & Wordpress How large, and busy, was the last forum you (helped) manage(d)...
  4. XenForo

    Welcome to XenForo 2

  5. Lisa

    Displaying users who have selected a specific custom user field

    As it says in the title really. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I'm bloody hopeless with conditionals. What I want is to display the avatars of users in the sidebar of a specific node if they have selected a particular option in a custom userfield. I want it to display like the...
  6. Digital Doctor

    Features not currently in Xenforo 2 you'll miss from Xenforo 1.x

    I like the inpage alerts. They aren't currently in Xenforo 2. Anyone not see something in XF2 that is in XF1 ?
  7. ForumApps

    XenForo XenForo Native Mobile Apps 1.0

    Are you tired of hearing your users complain about how your forum looks when browsing via mobile devices? How about the fact you have no real native mobile app in place? Don’t want to give out your private forum data to Tapatalk anymore? Gone are the days of your users' data being on third party...
  8. Digital Doctor

    Using Google Custom Search instead of native Xenforo search

    Forums are crude tools. And seem not to change. (And then get rewritten with no changes) One of crudest parts about forums is: Search. Wow is it bad. Searching Xenforo.com ... EVEN WHEN I KNOW exactly what I want ... is painful. The proof forum searching is neglected is that search attempts...
  9. CarpCharacin

    Is anyone using XenForo as an online store?

    I am considering setting up a XenForo site, removing the forums entirely and using the resource manager with the RM marketplace add-on to sell stuff. Is anyone here using XF as an online store to sell physical products?
  10. Karll

    Query to find the xth post

    My board recently reached the 300,000 post milestone (yippee!) and I'm trying to find which post was the 300,000th, and who posted it, and where. I've come up with the below query, which should give the 300,000th post in the first row in the result set, but it's not quite right, as the board...
  11. TrixieTang

    Something Awful considering switch to XF

    Looks like Lowtax is currently considering moving Something Awful from a heavily hacked vB2 over to XF. Would this be the biggest vB (or anything) to XF conversion so far if it happened? https://forums.somethingawful.com/announcement.php?forumid=1
  12. N

    How to show RSS Feed in a page?

    I know I'm asking a lot, but I just need some clue about how display the RSS Feed in a page? Someone?
  13. vlom31

    Xenforo Feed - Taking matters into our own hands

    Hi everyone, I'm about to embark in a massive revamp of the xenforo homepage, it seems more and more obvious that this won't come from XF directly, so I'm throwing it out there, if some of you are interested in participating in the cost and sharing the result (ideally as an add-on), or if a...
  14. Featherwing

    Figuring out what's next (vBulletin 4.2 > ??)

    Hi folks, I am currently the administrator of a young and (currently) small roleplaying forum (~20k posts) that likes to emulate a medieval world, with its own world map, political structure and so forth. As part of the realism side, we currently use DragonByteTech's vBCredits and vBShop addons...
  15. Spinball

    Has the sidebar had its day?

    The [bd] widget framework is one of the most downloaded addons for Xenforo, and we use it on virtually every page. For the MPU advert at the top and for useful related content (trending/similar threads) and promotion of other elements of the site (competitions/videos). But I think as more and...
  16. L

    Transfer Data Mybb to Xenforo

    Hello can you help any person how to migrate transfer my data to xenforo not lost anything. If you can to tell with step please :D
  17. D

    Found/Closed Requiring Xenforo Developers/Designers! [PAID]

    Hello, first of all I've no idea if I am allowed to post paid job offers here, but I am in need of a masterful developer and a designer, more specifically Xenforo plugin developers who are able to create a sort of video platform that is hooked into the user database as well as other smaller...
  18. pierce

    A simple multi tag search button

    Well, I had an idea to make tags more useful. Of course it is /tags/asdf where ASDF is your tag but its not so useful when its multi tags you want to search. So, the only way to pass those tags is by post. A bit of "Learning to code JS by copy/pasting Stack Exchange" and looking for a propper...
  19. pierce

    Short url for your Xenforo!

    I don't know if a short URL is still a thing? Xenforo has the #1 (see bottom right of this post, rotate your phone on its side if you can't see it). And thats why most people probably don't use it. But anybody looking for a really simple short URL thingy... you can do it entirely in...
  20. Digital Doctor

    "Easier" Login for Xenforo forums - any ideas ? ( registration, register, Log in)

    So the idea is that people don't sign up for forums because it's too hard. How might the signup process be changed to make things easier ? Don't hold back on ideas. Surely signing up is so important that it deserves it's own button ! Xenforo has a Login / Signup combo So I click and...