1. palhanow

    When do i know that is time to buy the XenForo Media Gallery and XenForo Resource Manager?

    It's a tricky question because my Forum is starting to gain some users right now, after one month of launch. I did create a thread here to tell a little about this but i really don't know when is time to add some extra resources. I know the Media Gallery and Resource Manager extensions are a...
  2. Fireal

    Buying WTB: Xenforo 2 License

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Xenforo license. Have one for sale? Send me a PM and lets make a deal! :) Thanks!
  3. Chris D

    Ask me anything - within reason

    This is a good idea The Sandman :tup: I'm Chris Deeming, I'm a developer for the XenForo forum software... Ask me anything, I guess... :cautious:
  4. Destroy Repeat

    Where are you, xenForo?

    It's been a month since the last update...? What gives?
  5. L

    XF2 Blog Solution (import from Better Blogs)?

    I'm presently unable to upgrade to XF2 until I find a solution that provides members with a basic blog and can import my old Better Blogs data. I know a lot of other Xenforo admins are in the same situation. What have you done, what are you doing, and what are your plans? As far as I can tell...
  6. V


    My site is awfully slow, barely functioning. Does anyone know what's going on with them?
  7. BrandonSheley

    Show me your Resource Managers

    I've always liked the idea the xenforo Resource Manager addon but felt the default layout was lacking design wise. Also I'd like to integrate Google Rich Cards into the resource post showing user rating/author/date etc. If you've done something out of the box with your Resource Manager then I'd...
  8. Igneous

    [XF1] ID Problems - Broken Model?

    I'm working on a custom addon and I'm coming across issues with editing & deleting. Its only returning information about the first row in the table no matter which row I click on. All of the rows have different IDs (15, 16, 17 etc as an example) but whenever I click on any of them, it only...
  9. Shanj

    Possibly Woltlab forum?

    I was originally using VB and then XF from the start until now. Not happy with how XF has been over the last 2 years so looking for an alternative. Woltlab looks good on the basics - I'd want forum, filesharing, maybe gallery. The core for me in the forum. But unlike XF there is no public demo...
  10. fixer

    Moving from xf to IPS

    After a great amount of thought , I have to do whats best for my community, I was one of the very first customers on xenforo. The time has come. It is partly my fault for relying on 3rd parties to bring the functionality we needed , so now we are trapped on old software awaiting 3rd parties to...
  11. J

    Nginx PHP Nginx doesn't pick the right php-stack in location

    TL;dr I created a location block (/de/forums/) outside of the nginx root folder but the php gets sent to the php compiler inside root so there is a directory mismatch. It wont take the defined php stack inside the new location block. Help! The location block /de/forums/ works, but just for...
  12. Ashley S

    XenForo 2.0 Improvements

    Hello, Since XenForo 2.0 got released I've not seen many threads on TAZ mentioning about XenForo 2.0 needing improvements. Are you using XenForo 2.0 if so what improvements need to be made? :tup:
  13. Tracy Perry

    Tapatalk on XenForo 2.0

    Is NOT recommended in it's current state. One of the Xenforo developers made this statement as to their current code level https://xenforo.com/community/threads/tapatalk-and-v2.138001/page-3#post-1204335 If it's bad enough for them to make a comment on it like this, then one would be foolish...
  14. ForumApps

    XenForo Notification System

    I noticed that there aren't any proper notification systems for XenForo and I am unable to understand if there is no need for such an addon or you don't see existing solutions provide any value for your forum. I saw one from OneSignal released here and was poorly written and there is one from...
  15. Abraham54

    How I upgraded to XenForo 2.0.0

    My forum is now running very smoothly with XenForo 2.0.0 Before I upgraded I closed my forum and then went on via Admin Panel to remove all add-ons and except the default theme all other themes. On the server I removed files left over. This took me almost one and a halve hours. Via FTP i...
  16. Soulwatcher

    Looks like some people are trying to be overnight millionaires selling Xenforo 2 mods!

    Looks like some people are trying to be overnight millionaires selling Xenforo 2 mods! And I know that something is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. But some of these mods have insane pricetags attached to them. Its no wonder why people are not in a hurry to upgrade to Xenforo 2!
  17. LeadCrow

    XenForo 2.0 released

    XenForo 2.0.0 & Add-ons Released 28 November 2017 .
  18. Optic

    My migration experience with XenForo 1.5.x to IPS 4.2.x

    So I recently migrated to IPS from XenForo and it went quite smooth. :) For those considering moving to IPS 4.2.x from XenForo 1.5.x, I thought I would make a list of potential issues. For some of you these would be a non-issue, for some it would be a compromise and for others they may be...
  19. palhanow

    I'm done with MyBB. So, going for XenForo or vBulletin?

    Hello friendly people, It's the brazilian guy with a bad english here. So, everything is good with you? I did some research around the TAZ about this XF vs. vBulletin, helped a little. I'm very inclined to choose XenForo over vBulletin, but XF still expensive for me (The license cost about 60%...
  20. The Sandman

    XenForo 3rd Party Resources

    XenForo was developed with an eye toward extension by 3rd party add-ons. I can understand why this was done (it worked well for vBulletin, made up for the limited feature set in the early releases of XenForo) and it does have some significant advantages (less code bloat, add only the features...