1. Shawn Gossman

    Must have addons for 2.2

    I recently got back into the forum business :D I have a XF 2.2 forum installed. I of course have Media and Resources... but also looking for ideas for other good addons as I've been so out of the game for a while. Help an old forumer out here haha by telling me your must have addons for 2.2...
  2. Paul

    Primary preview

    Paul from Threadloom here. First off, I've created a separate account from Threadloom to post directly from. Feel free to start a conversation if you want to reach me faster. Second, TLChris and I wanted to provide an update on Threadloom. Threadloom Search and Newsletter were designed to...
  3. palhanow

    Going to expand my services in my Forum: starting a marketplace. What's the best add-on to achieve this? Do i have to use XRM or XMG?

    Hello guys, Well, I'm always trying to expand my operations in my Forum, trying to catch new niches and costumers, always focusing in the growth of my own Forum. Online services, courses and lessons is a growing market around my country and i think is a great step to implement in my Forum...
  4. DigNap15

    Looks Like 2.2.0 is released now

  5. T

    Best Way to Shut Down XF Forum

    Hi All, Unfortunately the IR Forum that I had built is just kind of a Flop, and while I've tried everything I know it's Just not an enjoyable adventure any longer. I never intended this to be a money maker but truly thought that it would be a great place for people that Shoot IR would gather...
  6. palhanow

    Holy crap! The new XenForo Homepage is looking awesome.

    Well, following my day to day duties (like entering in XF.com everyday to look for improvements and updates) and i got a nice surprise. The new homepage is looking more professional than ever (or any other competition). My first thought was: "well we are all f*c*ed now, XF just got hacked"...
  7. I

    Why people go with XenForo instead of IPS?

    I'm a long time IPS software user, I'm very satisfied with how it works and the choice of 3rd party apps/plugins is quite big. But yet I see a lot of forums going with XenForo, I mean even the huge ones like AVForums and many other. I fail to see what is it so special about XenForo. I mean...
  8. scottkoz20

    Seriously thinking about making the switch to Xenforo from vB4

    Over the last several months, I have been thinking about if I should upgrade my forum to vB5 or switch entirely to Xenforo2. I have over 100k registered members (10k active in the last year and over 14M posts). I also have a number of custom applications that use the login structure in order...
  9. LenKaiser

    XF 2.1 Coverting Menu To Multi-Drop Down

    I have also posted this on the XF site and have not found an answer to what I want to do. https://xenforo.com/community/threads/converting-menu-into-multi-drop-down.173390/#post-1393696 Is it possible to convert the default menu system that comes in XenForo 2.1 to a Multi-level menu system? And...
  10. Kevin

    Anybody taking advantage of XF's "Custom Forum Field" options?

    Up till now custom forum fields is not something I've really taken advantage of, or even used much, so I'm kind of starting with a blank slate in regards to doing my due diligence in determining how to proceed for a new project. Does anybody have any public examples of XF forums taking...
  11. B

    Have Mike and Kier checked out of Xenforo?

    Kier and Mike haven't been on the site in about three weeks. Prior to that Mike hadn't posted since March? Kier posts in a bit of a flurry every 3-6 weeks it seems? Or have I missed some news about ownership of the company? Or am I reading their profiles wrong? Brogan and ChrisD seem to be...
  12. R0binHood

    Congrats on TAZ being no. 1 on google for Admin Forum

    Interesting that the top links are Forum Software, Forum SEO, XenForo and Rank/Badges. Seems admins are very interested in ranks and badges? Where's my badge? Now I want a badge. I will patiently await my badge while clicking on other SERPs to affect your rankings and bounce rate until I get...
  13. A

    XenForo 2.2 and beyond

    Just like we had XenForo 2.1 and beyond thread two years back. Now its time to do the same for XenForo 2.2, as it must be around the corner so all discussions can go here. 2.1 meant to be a feature release than minor enhancement release, many expected new 1st party add-ons (even above linked...
  14. S

    Xenforo Server IP Being Blocked By MS

    Just a quick heads-up. If you've registered a Outlook/Hotmail/Live address with Xenforo.com, you'll be unable to post or download anything there till they get their IP whitelisted, since you'll be automatically blocked by their system from doing so.
  15. jr09tb11

    Selling Freshly Purchased March 2019 XenForo License + UI.X Pro ($100+ plugins) 9 months left! Cheap!

    Looking for someone who can venmo/paypal. My license was purchased on March of 2019 (9 months of support/update left). I thought I could run a forum, but because of the shortage of time I have in-between work and sleep it's nearly impossible at this time. Also, underestimated how much work...
  16. tekboi

    Downsizing. Looking for Simple Message Board Solution.

    I run a small gaming community and have been using Xenforo for a few years now. And while it's great and we had plenty of fun using it, the usage of the forums has died completely. A while back, we started utilizing Discord as a primary way of communication and now most of the members groan and...
  17. iAdam

    Xenforo must have Addons.

    Hello, Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't locate any thread dedicated to Xenforo only. I'm starting a new online community/forum and I want to hear suggestions about your "must have" Addons to enhance the forum functionality and user experience. There's hundreds of...
  18. BirdOPrey5

    Automatically running the Xenforo 2.x cron jobs via cPanel Cron Jobs?

    So on my old vBulletin site I could force the scheduled tasks to run by running a cron job from my host's cPanel account... Something like: wget -q -O /dev/null "https://www.domain.com/forum/index.php" > /dev/null 2>&1 Would this still work for XenForo 2.x? I mean it opens up a web browser...
  19. BirdOPrey5

    Massive drop in Skimlinks clicks since moving to XF?

    So a month after moving from vBulletin 3.x to Xenforo 2.1, I see the number of clicks recorded by Skimlinks has dropped from several thousands in the month prior to 153 in the 30 days since... Revenue of course has also fallen. I have triple confirmed the same javascript code is on every page...
  20. ibaker

    92% of my users prefer IPS over Xenforo

    As many will know I recently moved my main site Recreational Flying from Xenforo v2 to IPS. It is 3 months later so I created a poll and it is showing that 92% of the users prefer IPS instead of Xenforo. I had a lot of trouble trying to move across to IPS once before with the users kicking up a...