1. TrixieTang

    XenForo revokes KiwiFarms' license

    I was browsing XenForo.com today and came across this thread about KiwiFarms' XF license being revoked. For those who aren't aware, KiwiFarms is a site that documents internet drama and "lolcows" (people are so crazy or who react so over-the-top to being trolled that they can be milked for...
  2. Liam

    Found/Closed xenForo + Media Gallery License for Sale

    Hi. Bought a new license a couple of months ago for a project which wouldn't see the light of day today, so I decided to sell the license. This includes the following: xenForo License (bought last July 7, 2021, updates valid until July 7, 2022) Media Gallery License (bought the same time as...
  3. X

    XenForo 1.5: PHP 7.3 EOL in Dec 6, 2021

    Hello guys, As you know, many forum owners are still on XenForo 1.5. Personally, I do not see the point on upgrading to XenForo 2: nothing innovate, nothing new - they are just trying to push their Cloud solution and XF 2.3 seems like an abandoned project (IMHO). As you know, XenForo 1.5 is...
  4. B

    Is xf stuff planning to maintain order in their Resorce Manager&third party coders? Learn from Ipb Marketplace

    I wanted to start this thread over at the xenforo forum, but after some considerations I thought it would be better suited here. Hopefully the admin zone staff will not censor it. That being said, the Resource Manager is a complete mess over there. Anyone and their mother can submit...
  5. deslocotoco

    XenForo Cloud Beta - Share Your Experience If You Are The Lucky One

    Hello fellow XF owners! Our beloved Chris D posted today this follow update on the Official XF Forum: Unfortunately I'm not in the first batch of selected people who won the Golden Ticket from Mr. Willy Wonka to join the first tests. If anyone here won the Golden Ticket and have the purpose...
  6. John H20


    First point: that is apparently your 6,666th post. Second point: That sounds interesting, but there's a very big "but" that would keep me from trying it. You would have no real control, ownership or authority over your own data and user rules. I used to participate in Xenforo's own forum, a...
  7. LeadCrow

    XenForo Cloud Beta (now with add-on support)

    Join the Xenforo Cloud Beta (now with add-on support) 14 october 2021
  8. M

    Xenforo License for sale (save $110)

    I have a never-used Xenforo license for sale. -Comes with 1 year of service and updates. -Branding removal included (worth $300), so you are not giving away any of that link juice. Selling for $350 (worth $460) through Paypal. You will save $110 compared to buying a new license. PM me if...
  9. Russ

    XenForo cloud (coming soon)

    Looks like XenForo has been working away Cloud services for XenForo: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/announcing-xenforo-cloud.195085/ Seeking testers now. No third-party add-ons at the moment but I'm really curious if this will eventually lead to some sort of testing/approval process for...
  10. A

    XenForo 2.3 and beyond

    Just like the previous XenForo 2.1 and beyond and XenForo 2.2 and beyond threads, here we are with a thread dedicated to all the XenForo 2.3 related discussions and rumors. The first XenForo 2.2 HYS was posted on June 1, 2020. Three more days to go and it will be June 1, 2021, do you expect any...
  11. deslocotoco

    Just suggested to XenForo to modernize his social features, like the creation of user clubs/communities inside our Forum. It's time to a big upgrade!

    Well, I'm opening this thread just to inform our fellow XenForo administrators. I opened the thread in the XF official Forum, my main points to defend this feature are there...
  12. W

    Buying Looking to buy a secondhand XenForo license.

    Looking to buy a valid secondhand XenForo license only or with Media Gallery if possible for a small project I'm looking to try out. License can be expired as well. You can PM me if selling and your asking price if you're able to send me a message or we can communicate via email.
  13. StateDOG

    Jumping back in... so what Software to use? XF or IPB?

    Full disclosure, I used to run a forum powered by Invision and loved it. My last version was 2.0.2 I think. So it's been quite a while. But it's time to jump back into the game and I'm trying to decide what software to use. XenForo wasn't a player back then when I was into it. I like the...
  14. Carbonzxc

    Found/Closed Looking for Xenforo License

    Hello, Im looking for Xenforo license. Payment will be done with Paypal. Looking license for my gaming community so i need the best price. No extra plugin or other stuff needed only forum license is enaugh for me. Offers are welcomed. Thanks!
  15. Shawn Gossman

    Must have addons for 2.2

    I recently got back into the forum business :D I have a XF 2.2 forum installed. I of course have Media and Resources... but also looking for ideas for other good addons as I've been so out of the game for a while. Help an old forumer out here haha by telling me your must have addons for 2.2...
  16. Paul

    Primary preview

    Paul from Threadloom here. First off, I've created a separate account from Threadloom to post directly from. Feel free to start a conversation if you want to reach me faster. Second, TLChris and I wanted to provide an update on Threadloom. Threadloom Search and Newsletter were designed to...
  17. deslocotoco

    Going to expand my services in my Forum: starting a marketplace. What's the best add-on to achieve this? Do i have to use XRM or XMG?

    Hello guys, Well, I'm always trying to expand my operations in my Forum, trying to catch new niches and costumers, always focusing in the growth of my own Forum. Online services, courses and lessons is a growing market around my country and i think is a great step to implement in my Forum...
  18. DigNap15

    Looks Like 2.2.0 is released now

  19. T

    Best Way to Shut Down XF Forum

    Hi All, Unfortunately the IR Forum that I had built is just kind of a Flop, and while I've tried everything I know it's Just not an enjoyable adventure any longer. I never intended this to be a money maker but truly thought that it would be a great place for people that Shoot IR would gather...
  20. deslocotoco

    Holy crap! The new XenForo Homepage is looking awesome.

    Well, following my day to day duties (like entering in XF.com everyday to look for improvements and updates) and i got a nice surprise. The new homepage is looking more professional than ever (or any other competition). My first thought was: "well we are all f*c*ed now, XF just got hacked"...