xenforo 2.0 addons

  1. Jim McClain

    Upgrading to 2.1 from 1.5, but what about these plugins?

    I would like to upgrade to the latest version of xenForo soon, but I have some plugins I use on 1.5 that I kinda like. I don't know if 2.1.x has made some of them unnecessary, or if there are better solutions than what my limited research has shown. Can you provide a little guidance? I'm using...
  2. A

    Invites by email in 2x

    I can see that under users in the admin there is a place to import user. That asks for a csv file. I havent seen anything to invite users in 2x just addons for 1x. Is there a system in place to do this or can it be done with importing users and sending a password reset? If so what is the...
  3. Freelancer

    When will you shift from XF1 to XF2?

    This is directed towards those admins that use the XenForo platform for professional reasons (business owners with premium communities). What is your plan with XF2? Will you force it no matter what or will you "play it safe" and wait until you are 100% sure everything XF1 will work under XF2...
  4. Digital Doctor

    Suggestion TAZ have an organized, updated, list of Xenforo addons (in order of popularity) and their PLANS

    Ideas ? It could be good for TAZ (traffic, new users, etc) to have a list of XF 2.0 ready (and not ready) addons. One easy way would be to have a top 200 list (in descending order of popularity) Start with them all listed as "not ready". (or planned) and as they get updated to 2.0 the list...