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  1. GameNet

    XenForo [NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2 v2.3.0

    Compatible XF 2.x version(s): 2.2 or newer Requirement(s): PHP 7.2.0+ (7.4+ recommended) Requires MaxMind License Key for location detection Info(s): If you wanted to remote logout devices or blocked devices in xenforo 2.x. Now you can with this addon. It’s will include remote logout...
  2. GameNet

    XenForo [NICK97] XFRM Removed Ratings In Overview - XF2 v2.2.0

    This addon simply removed XFRM Rating comments in resource overview for xenforo 2.x Before: After: Note: Require XenForo 2.2 or newer and XenForo Resources Manager 2.2 or newer
  3. GameNet

    XenForo [NICK97] XFRM Wishlist - XF2

    Do you want to your customer or your user that could keep track your resources? Or Do you want your products be stand-out? If you ever think that, we support you with this add-on. This add-on is aimed to create a wishlist for each of shopping people as they wish. By doing this, the resources...
  4. vitoreis

    MySQL Queryes help - top´s of 2020

    Hello all, I like to share with my community the top's of 2020: - Top 10 - Threads started in 2020 with more replies. - Top 10 - Absolute threads with more replies in 2020 (including all threads, started from the beginning of community). - Top 10 - Threads started in 2020 with more views. -...
  5. A

    Invites by email in 2x

    I can see that under users in the admin there is a place to import user. That asks for a csv file. I havent seen anything to invite users in 2x just addons for 1x. Is there a system in place to do this or can it be done with importing users and sending a password reset? If so what is the...
  6. Destroy Repeat

    Where are you, xenForo?

    It's been a month since the last update...? What gives?
  7. J

    Nginx Nginx doesn't pick the right php-stack in location

    TL;dr I created a location block (/de/forums/) outside of the nginx root folder but the php gets sent to the php compiler inside root so there is a directory mismatch. It wont take the defined php stack inside the new location block. Help! The location block /de/forums/ works, but just for...
  8. Ashley S

    XenForo 2.0 Improvements

    Hello, Since XenForo 2.0 got released I've not seen many threads on TAZ mentioning about XenForo 2.0 needing improvements. Are you using XenForo 2.0 if so what improvements need to be made? :tup:
  9. Freelancer

    When will you shift from XF1 to XF2?

    This is directed towards those admins that use the XenForo platform for professional reasons (business owners with premium communities). What is your plan with XF2? Will you force it no matter what or will you "play it safe" and wait until you are 100% sure everything XF1 will work under XF2...
  10. Digital Doctor

    Features not currently in Xenforo 2 you'll miss from Xenforo 1.x

    I like the inpage alerts. They aren't currently in Xenforo 2. Anyone not see something in XF2 that is in XF1 ?
  11. Interview with Chris D - XenForo Developer

    Interview with Chris D - XenForo Developer

    We did our first Interview with Chris Deeming back in November 2013. Now almost 3 years later, he's still a fixture on XF.com but a lot has happened since then - he's up to 18,450+ posts, 18,300+ likes, 90+ resources, and... oh yeah, he became a XenForo Developer in November 2014. :einstein: Of...
  12. Alpha1

    Is XF2 freezing addon development?

    XenForo 2.0 previews are coming this year. It's unclear when XF 2.0 will actually be released, but there will be a lot of beta and RC testing periods. I would not be surprised if XF 2 Gold will be released next year. Meanwhile it seems to me that a lot of the major addon developers have gone...