1. PoetJC

    Looking for the best automatic post to Facebook plugin...

    The title says it. So for your WP gurus and enthusiasts ==> What's the best way to automatically post new Wordpress content to Facebook pages? I'll appreciate your insight! J.
  2. PoetJC

    Making it so .mp3 urls are hidden/encrypted or otherwise difficult to find in sourcecode

    I'm working on a Wordpress project at the moment and have run into a bit of an issue. The site has a music player that's always on-top --- The .mp3 uploads obviously go to /wp-content/uploads/song.mp3 --- The url shows in the sourcecode and files can be downloaded. What I'm trying to do is to...
  3. 2

    mybb wordpress bridge ?

    Does anyone know of a wordpress mybb bridge that works ?
  4. 2

    Best free Forum software for next project ?

    Could anyone advise me what would be the Best modern free Forum software for next project ? Would like something that will work with wordpress. I've come across discourse mybb 2.0 nodebb bbpress