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  1. Jim McClain

    WordPress Support Forums (not a plugin)

    I've been looking for a good support forum for WordPress admins and haven't had any luck so far. No offense to TAZ, but most WP owners and admins don't also use forum software and this WP forum on TAZ doesn't get a lot of play. Do any of you forum admins operate a forum that deals with WordPress...
  2. Netpen Forum

    Netpen Forum

    NetPen first started as Support Forum for my MyBB Themes users. Later it developed into full functional Webmaster Forum. Now 50% percents of Topics are related to my MyBB Themes and MyBB generally and 50% are other Topics related to Web and Graphic design, SEO, Social Networks etc.
  3. 2

    Any good wordpress forum options ??

    Im looking to add a forum to a new wordpress site im not sure what to use, The only few requirements Good seo, easy to use full feature forum or as close as wordpress can get I've had a few thoughts, 1. phpbb I was orignally thinking of bridging phpbb but im thinking that maybe a bit to...