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  1. andieandie

    AdminAndie from Staysia's Spot here! Shared, Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha Reseller Post2Host

    Hello! I have been browsing this forum for years now but just recently started my own web hosting business. I realized that all the web hosts that used to offer post2host were gone, and I think 2019 deserves to have it back! I am currently looking for ways to promote my hosting, especially...
  2. eva2000

    Nginx Configuration tips to improve Centmin Mod LEMP stack performance

    Seeing as there are some folks here using my Centmin Mod LEMP stack, I thought I'd share a quick guide I wrote for configuration tips to improve performance beyond the out of box automatic optimisations already done. In theory these configuration tips can provide an additional 5-40% improvement...
  3. Doctor 404

    Cloud Where can i host a Gaming Community?

    I'm running (Or at least soon i'll be running) an Spanish Roleplay community for GTA San Andreas: Multiplayer. The thing is that i have to connect my UCP somewhere and i'm looking to do it on a Cloud Hosting package which should ensure a 95% if not 99% of Uptime (For the time being, as i don't...
  4. S

    Looking for web Hosting provider

    Hello there. I have created a website for my business and now I am searching for best web hosting provider in India. It should provide better security over the server and reliable network.
  5. vpsBoard


    vpsBoard is an active community discussing topics related to VPS servers and web-hosting in general (though VPS, Dedicated Servers and Colocated hardware are the main topics of interest). We're a fast growing community that just turned two years old at the beginning of this month (March 2015)...