1. R

    Cloud Alternative to Digital Ocean

    1 CPU | 1GB RAM - 10GB SSD | 1TB Transfer - From $2.00/mo 2 CPU | 2GB RAM - 10GB SSD | 2TB Transfer - From $4.50/mo 4 CPU | 4GB RAM - 10GB SSD | 4TB Transfer - From $9.00/mo 8 CPU | 8GB RAM - 10GB SSD | 8TB Transfer - From $18.00/mo https://www.systemongrid.com/pricing/
  2. S

    VPS Inmotion

    We need a VPS plan with more than 4 GB of RAM; our budget is $60/month or so. After searching some of the top names (Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Inmotion,..), Inmotion seems to be providing the best deal in our budget. Not considering Digital Ocean/Linode/Vultr since we need some stuff like...
  3. Andrew K

    Other Centminmod?

    I just bought a VPS and I am looking to host a couple of websites. I just saw Centminmod, and I am really interested in it, but I am not sure whether I should use it on production websites. So my question is should I use Centminmod, or should I just set everything up manually? Thanks. Andrew.
  4. ahmed

    VPS for a chat messenger, does it work?

    I plan to run Telegram Messenger script on my website (script is edited for my own needs) so users chat and send audio and text messages in public chat-rooms, estimated 50.000 users monthly plus an android app that runs chat from web based page, Telegram script is strong and fast, can a VPS...
  5. C

    Are you familiar with DDoS protected servers?

    How many of you are familiar with DDoS protected servers? I don't mean Clouflare or rerouting... but your actual server (dedicated, vps, cloud) that is in itself completely protected against attacks.
  6. vpsBoard


    vpsBoard is an active community discussing topics related to VPS servers and web-hosting in general (though VPS, Dedicated Servers and Colocated hardware are the main topics of interest). We're a fast growing community that just turned two years old at the beginning of this month (March 2015)...