1. datoneer

    Selling Vbulletin Suite 4.x

    Hello, I'm selling vbulletin suite 4.x. I bought it for $342, i'm willing to accept $120 for the license. Recipient pays $45 fee. Send me a private message if anyone is interested. Thank you
  2. Threadloom

    Sponsored Threadloom now available for vBulletin 3.8

    Dear vBulletin 3.8.x admins: Threadloom is a cloud-based site search engine for forums. We recently completed our vBulletin 3.8-compatible plug-in and are looking for a few forums to test drive it. It is functionally equivalent to our vBulletin 4.x and XenForo plug-ins, which you can read...
  3. Featherwing

    Figuring out what's next (vBulletin 4.2 > ??)

    Hi folks, I am currently the administrator of a young and (currently) small roleplaying forum (~20k posts) that likes to emulate a medieval world, with its own world map, political structure and so forth. As part of the realism side, we currently use DragonByteTech's vBCredits and vBShop addons...
  4. LeadCrow

    UbuntuForums got breached... again

    Notice of security breach on Ubuntu Forums 15 July 2016, by Jane Silber
  5. Paul M

    PHP7 Compatability

    As you are probably aware, I'm working on updated vB3 & vB4 versions for PHP 7 compatability. There is no official QA resource available for vB3 or vB4, so I'm looking for anyone who is interested in running the code to iron out any issues that may have crept in. Note that this is to test...
  6. S

    What would your dream forum have in it?

    I'm toying around with the idea of creating a new forum from the ground up... very community focused, and able to bring users back into the fold by continuing to be on the site and engaged with it. I've used IPB extensively for years, and am now looking at Discourse a lot, but its complexity for...
  7. Whitesky

    Critique my CSS approach

    Hi all, looking for some feedback on how I usually build CSS when making templates. Basically I've been using a system for years now of inherited styles and child themes, whether it's been for vBulletin, ecommerce, phpBB, or Xenforo. First I create a "master theme" that contains more global...
  8. Nat47

    My server doesn't allow mass mailing, can vBulletin stagger emails?

    I'm currently on a budget server. It doesn't allow mass emailing, but it tolerates regular emails. Is there a vbulletin feature that allows staggering emails? Another thing I was thinking about doing was mass re-setting all of the accounts to "get email upon PM" and then writing a script to...
  9. Threadloom

    Sponsored Introducing: Threadloom Community Search

    Hi everyone- We’re a new sponsor here on TAZ (thanks, Sandman, for onboarding us!). I’ve been following TAZ the past year as an individual member, and have really enjoyed the learning and helpfulness within the community. Some of the discussions helped influence my current project, which I...
  10. M

    Vbulletin paid upgrades

    I want to create a paid upgrade for members on the forum. I have a Vbulletin. My question is how do you keep track of when their upgrade subscription needs renewed?
  11. Namoh

    [Feedback] vBulletin Bootstrap Style

    This is a vBulletin style based on Bootstrap. The majority of vBulletin's own style code has been recoded. It has some nice JS features added to it to make everything cleaner. There are still some minor fixes I need to apply. You can see it live here. Let me know what you think.
  12. DavidThomson

    Vbulletin going down hill? No wonder!

    I just wanted to make my experience public. I opted for vbulletin after trying the trial version but have been unable to install the vbulletin 5 software. My hosts support team were not able to make it work either and then vbulletin support were also unable. Amazingly they said in their email...
  13. Digital Doctor

    How did vB know how the breech occurred?

    I read IB knows how the vB5 breech happened and they have patched it. How would they know ? They checked the server logs ? Any other ways ?
  14. WD

    IB Sites Running Versions Not Publicly Available

    It appears IB have made themselves patches for the IPv6 exploit and the REAL latest version of vB3 is "vBulletin Patch Level 3" least for themselves that is, There is no patches for normal vB3 clients. I checked out more of their sites and most are running this "secret" patched...
  15. Dakoom

    vBulletin.com Forums Hacked

    http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/ Hacked By Coldzer0 well... happy hackerween!
  16. Dakoom

    I want to create a new community on vB 3.8.x

    vB 3.8.9... the latest stable version that works on PHP 5.5+. But my question is this: is this suggested? I mean, for how much time will it run smoothly with no problems? I have to consider this factor before I spend my energy on template customizations, plugins, themes, etc. What are your...
  17. lol12345

    vBulletin Cloud - Worth it?

    I was thinking about the vBulletin Cloud. Is it worth it? 1. Can I use my own domain name? 2. Which version can I install? 3. As long as my forum will be online, I will pay for the Cloud? 4. vBulletin hosting - slow, good, bad, the worst? Thanks!
  18. Joeychgo

    vBulletin is Hiring

    vBulletin is Hiring vBulletin is currently looking for a Senior PHP Developer to join the team! As a Technical Lead / Senior PHP Developer, you will work closely with the product team to develop new features for the vBulletin product line. These include our core forum software, our SaaS service...
  19. is_it_me

    The watching 'vBulletin's market share nosedive' thread.

    I remember when I last looked at digitalpoint’s cookie report on commercial forum software, vB was on just over 70% market share, and I thought at the time, I wonder how long it will take to drop below that 70% mark. Now, I see they are down to 68.3%, but I can’t remember how many weeks ago I...
  20. M

    vBulletin information leak

    Anybody catch the recent extensive information leak regarding the plans for vB 4? Many customers are disappointed. I don't want to be the bearer of the public documents. I can only suggest you search 'vbulletin' and 'vbulletinfail' on Twitter for details. (I hope this isn't against the rules...