vbulletin 3.x

  1. RisingSun

    Just migrated to XF: what do I need to know?

    Hello everyone, A couple of months ago, I posted a thread in the vB section about migrating our forum from vB 3.8.11 to XF. Now, thanks to mysiteguy, our forum is now working on XF! What do I need to do to make the forum work optimally? Are there short tutorials that I can post for our...
  2. RisingSun

    Should we upgrade our vB 3.8.11 forum?

    Hi everyone. So glad I discovered this community. I'm one of the admins on the Rising Sun 4WD Club of Colorado forum. We stood up vBulletin in 8/2005 and it's been great for connecting with our local community of Toyota 4WD vehicle owners. Our stats: Threads: 26,276 * Posts: 312,112 *...
  3. BirdOPrey5

    VB 5.3.0 - Impartial Review

    I know, people are going to claim that a part time support contractor for VB can't be impartial. I can only say that I disagree. Over the years I have not been a fan of VB5 and those who have come to me for personal recommendations can attest, I could not not in good conscious recommend sites...