1. RisingSun

    Should we upgrade our vB 3.8.11 forum?

    Hi everyone. So glad I discovered this community. I'm one of the admins on the Rising Sun 4WD Club of Colorado forum. We stood up vBulletin in 8/2005 and it's been great for connecting with our local community of Toyota 4WD vehicle owners. Our stats: Threads: 26,276 * Posts: 312,112 *...
  2. C

    Viable upgrade path from vB3?

    We have a very large forum running V3. Attempts to migrate to vB4 and vB5 (at least a year ago) failed because the database was too big. VBulletin support was unable to help and suggested that neither were viable upgrade paths for us. vB3 is lacking some features that have become important (a...
  3. Abraham54

    How I upgraded to XenForo 2.0.0

    My forum is now running very smoothly with XenForo 2.0.0 Before I upgraded I closed my forum and then went on via Admin Panel to remove all add-ons and except the default theme all other themes. On the server I removed files left over. This took me almost one and a halve hours. Via FTP i...
  4. BirdOPrey5

    VB 5.3.0 - Impartial Review

    I know, people are going to claim that a part time support contractor for VB can't be impartial. I can only say that I disagree. Over the years I have not been a fan of VB5 and those who have come to me for personal recommendations can attest, I could not not in good conscious recommend sites...
  5. M

    Vbulletin paid upgrades

    I want to create a paid upgrade for members on the forum. I have a Vbulletin. My question is how do you keep track of when their upgrade subscription needs renewed?