1. zoldos

    zoldos Adventures affiliate exchange text/button!

    zoldos Adventures Affiliate code: <a href=""><img src=""></a> I accept text affiliates and 88x31 buttons. Thanks!
  2. XtremeConditions

    Facebook Login App Setup?

    So I was looking into having the option to register/login to my MyBB forum using Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Seems like Shade's MyFacebook Connect, MyTwitter Connect and MyGoogle+ Connect will do the trick, at least as far as free plugins go. So I went to facebook to get the API info etc that...
  3. BrandonSheley

    2,460,000 pieces of content are shared every minute on FB. Twitter, users tweet 277,000 times/minute

    2,460,000 pieces of content are shared every minute on Facebook. On Twitter, users tweet 277,000 times per minute... pretty amazing right? not really and it certainly won't seem like much by this time next year ;) Take a hold of the networks, share your story and build your audience :einstein:
  4. Lisa

    Twitter, Spotify, Netflix and others hit by cyber attack

    At least two successive waves of online attacks blocked multiple major websites Friday, at times making it impossible for many users on the East Coast to access Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit. The first attacks appear to have begun around 7:10 am Friday, then resolved...
  5. Drastic

    Facebook exchange

    Hey all. If anyone has a Facebook/Twitter account/page/group the 15-30k users range and wants to do a weekly exchange on Facebook, then let me know. We have 22k fans on our page and get about 500-1k new users a week. I will post something of yours on our Facebook page. I'll pick something...
  6. I

    Be Intelligent.

    Hello, I am Intelligence and I enjoy a lot of things including forums, gaming(PS4), Food, Twitter and more.
  7. DanielGarneau

    What is the best strategy for Tweeting?

    The following question was asked in another thread from this forum:"What is the best strategy for Tweeting? Tweet about your site, or tweet about things that people that would enjoy your site would be interested in?" I'm turning it into a new thread because I'm beginning to use Twitter a...
  8. Empire

    What is the future of twitter?

    Will twitter be viable in future? Is it worth marketing or making account there? Should people with high twitter follow count be SCARED, LOST and CRY? Is it dying a SLOW PAINFUL death? These seem to suggest...
  9. marvchristensen

    Social Media Post Popularity

    I run a group of sites that focus on vacations and cabin rentals. My social media posts never get any traction. I am stuck in that spot where I have three or four interaction per post. Any ideas on easy ways to attract high end clients via social networks. I like to think that my social media...
  10. IT Network

    Exactly how effective are twitter promotional s

    So today I opted into a twitter banner just to basically see how much attention to my company it brings, has anyone used or is using twitter as a source of advertisement. If so what kind of traffic does it bring also how good is it doing for you.