1. TLChris

    XenForo Primary for Forums for XenForo 1.5.x 1.0.4

    Primary by Threadloom identifies products forum members are discussing, and automatically creates monetizable assets for your site. You can display the most-discussed products in each node, give your visitors detailed product information on your site, and insert featured products into...
  2. Paul

    Primary preview

    Paul from Threadloom here. First off, I've created a separate account from Threadloom to post directly from. Feel free to start a conversation if you want to reach me faster. Second, TLChris and I wanted to provide an update on Threadloom. Threadloom Search and Newsletter were designed to...
  3. Introducing Primary Login – secure, passwordless login for forums

    Introducing Primary Login – secure, passwordless login for forums

    Earlier this summer, Paul shared the results from our first two Product Stories experiments. We’ll have more to share from follow-up experiments soon, but today, we wanted to share a new feature with you – secure, passwordless login for forums. Login help requests make up 20% of Threadloom...
  4. Threadloom

    XenForo Threadloom Newsletter 2.1.8

    Threadloom Newsletter lets you easily send your communities' best content direct to subscribers' inboxes. It uses algorithms to select your best content. This produces newsletters with higher click rates, and saves you time. You can send newsletters automatically, or create a review panel to...
  5. Digital Doctor

    Threadloom search results : visuals vs native xenforo

    2 hits from threadloom vs. native xenforo Why does the Threadloom search results on TAZ have to look so ugly ? What don't I like ? 1) I actually like the avatars. If they dont want to cache those, I could get over it. 2) information density: The sparseness is really annoying. 3) Please...