1. haqzore

    Tapatalk pulled from Google Play app store.

    https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/10/24/tapatalk-has-been-pulled-from-the-google-play-store/ Been almost a week now & still gone. Could be nothing, could be something?
  2. Morg22

    Xenforo 2.1.3 and Tapatalk

    I am currently setting up a test site with Xenforo 2.1.3, because I am looking to move from VB5. I wanted to know how compatible it is with Tapatalk. We are having nothing but issues since upgrading from VB 4.2.5 to VB 5.5.3, including Tapatalk not functioning correctly and a large portion of...
  3. H-DB

    Tapatalk Forms Blockchain Advisory Board

    This should be a game changer. Accomplished Technologists from Discourse, Everipedia and CrowdGather to Guide Blockchain Integration for World's Largest Forum App https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tapatalk-forms-blockchain-advisory-board-300736678.html...
  4. IntoxNitram

    Zetaboards is going

    They've announced that Zetaboards as a platform will be no more, merging existing forums into Tapatalk. See here: http://support.zathyus.com/topic/7021172/1/ Many people are angry about this, especially after being given a choice between merging from InvisionFree to Tapatalk or Zeta and being...
  5. zappaDPJ

    The Tapatalk 'Support Group'

    Despite removing Tapatalk from all my forums and unsubscribing from everything it seems I've now been added to the Tapatalk 'Support Group'. It's the place to be if you want a facial apparently :rolleyes: Anyone else been hit by this?
  6. Alpha1

    Tapatalk becomes social media: Users can create their own website/Forums/Groups

    https://www.tapatalk.com/tapatalk_groups Tapatalk now offers people the opportunity to create their own Forums & Groups. With a few clicks people can open their own website or Tapatalk group. Completely free or for 5 or 10 bucks a month depending on how advertising revenue is divided and what...
  7. Tracy Perry

    Tapatalk on XenForo 2.0

    Is NOT recommended in it's current state. One of the Xenforo developers made this statement as to their current code level https://xenforo.com/community/threads/tapatalk-and-v2.138001/page-3#post-1204335 If it's bad enough for them to make a comment on it like this, then one would be foolish...
  8. D


    Does anyone have experience with Tapatalk? Our site is vb5 but I don't suppose that is important. We have forums in different languages and with varying usergroup permissions, including some (like bug reporting and admin area) we would not want published at all. Does anyone have knowledge of...
  9. Spinball

    Apple's Guidelines require in-app registration - the final blow for Tapatalk?

    The message in our Tapatalk control panel: which means we *have* to switch in-app registration on. I currently disallow in-app registration in Tapatalk because I don't want to allow spammers in or bypass our required custom registration fields. I think this might be the final blow for...
  10. maksim

    Tapatalk... a Necessary Evil?

    For all of the things people can complain about Tapatalk... and while I can appreciate forum owners wanting to not use it.... But I feel it is a necessary evil. Two forums that have left Tapatalk, I have already started viewing significantly less... Taz and DP. The mobile theme for XF is...
  11. Alpha1

    Tapatalk issues with paying out your monetization

    Can you please explain this? What issues are there with Tapatalk paying out your monetization?
  12. Alpha1

    More than 1 year after removing Tapatalk it still tries to fetch content

    In 2014 I removed my big board from the Tapatalk directory and removed the software. This was after Tapatalk management publicly promised that removing your site from the directory by deactivating it, would also remove all your site data from their servers. (their cache) However, today I...
  13. PoetJC

    I know someone's using Tapatalk... Is it you?

    Okay. So I'm browsing TAZ and see Adam's forum http://675.cc --- So I'm admiring the entire look of his forum and I see the footer section: I'm thinking WOW! A Xenforo forum with a custom app. I'm nosy - so I click the playstore link, but not before noticing the url has 'tapatalk' in it...
  14. Floyd R Turbo

    Tapatalk is bypassing 2FA in Xenforo 1.5

    https://support.tapatalk.com/threads/xf-1-5-tapatalk-bypasses-2-factor-authentication-in-xenforo.31618/ Here's what I did: Via PC, enabled 2FA and verified Via iPhone / Safari, logged out and logged back in. It asked for 2FA and I verified this. I left the "remember for 30 days" unchecked I...
  15. fly

    Tapatalk pulled from xenforo.com?

    So I went to upgrade tapatalk today and it seems the entire thread is gone from xenforo. Anyone know what happened? ibTapatalkSucks :D
  16. Joeychgo

    Is the addition of "View on Tapatalk" button to e-mail alerts legal?

    Tapatalk's latest update has integrated a "View on Tapatalk" button into the e-mail alerts, like this: It takes the user to tapatalk instead of your site. The question about it's legality was raised under the resource discussion thread on XF. Does this raise any kind of potentially legal...
  17. autonomous1

    Tapatalk sends unencrypted passwords over the web

    The login messages sent by Tapatalk mobile and branded apps contain cleartext passwords which can be easily obtained by a novice hacker running wireshark. An examination of messages sent by TT branded apps as well as the TT client app have demonstrated this vulnerability. In addition it has been...
  18. Karll

    Don't upgrade to Tapatalk 2.3.9!

    You'll regret it. Well, at least for me it seems the editor was never told that a post had been successfully saved, so it led to a lot of double-posting, or rather, multiple-posting. The error log reported problems seemingly with other add-ons, but in the end it was Tapatalk.
  19. LeadCrow

    ForumFiend is no more

    ForumFiend, one of the rare few mobile apps for browsing forums has been discontinued, after a number of setbacks apparently followed by a cease and desist letter from Tapatalk. A huge shame its Github repository was now deleted, given the app was very recently opensourced, and apparently the...
  20. Shin Ryoku

    Anyone remove Tapatalk support from their forum?

    I would like to remove Tapatalk for a number of reasons: Tapatalk is inconvenient to keep updated Tapatalk introduces a possible security hole Google sends me messages to fix problems with deep linking (Tapatalk linking to mismatched content), which could affect our mobile content search...