1. fixer

    Suggestion No admin forum is complete without...

    a link to a users “homepage” under their avatar on posts please add this with Taz 2.0
  2. palhanow

    Forum Ranks for Political Forum

    I'm trying to come up some ranks for my Forum but i'm not a very creative person. Really, I'm not. I don't know even how to name a dog. So, the forum theme is political, with some sub off-topics themes. Can you guys please suggest me something?
  3. okenyon

    Tips to get more registrations.

    Hey guys, one of our properties does in excess of 50k UV's a month however we only see on average 200 or less registrations. That's less than a 1% conversion rate of sign ups. So I was wondering, have you installed any plugins, any incentives, and new sign up modals, made changes that have...
  4. R

    Suggestion Change website header colour

    Today i joined your forum but my eyes are paining seeing website header in blue , feeling like some radiation.
  5. Amaury

    My First Major XenForo Suggestion

    I wanted to post this as a status update yesterday, but it gave me the error that it couldn't be more than 140 characters even though it was only 139 characters and I posted the exact same status update on XenForo Community. Anyway, I spent hours making this yesterday...
  6. Gary

    Suggestion Flarum added to Forum Software category

    Hi guys! I just thought I'd take the time to request the addition of Flarum to the Forum Software category of TAZ. I understand that it is only still in its beta stages but there is a lot of potential gleaming from development and I'm sure it's going to be a huge hit to the forum world upon its...