1. dragonpoe

    How do I install a new style?

    So I tried to install styles first time in my life, followed the guides found on the web, but nothing. It doesn't work. Please help me out. Here are some screenshots: Thank you in advance.
  2. Shimei

    Vbulletin 5 Default Style with Lots of CSS

    Tried adding a little artsy brush strokes to break up the symmetry. Any feedback?This is the default style with nothing more than CSS added to additional_css
  3. Lisa

    Why are forum styles so boring?

    I've noticed a trend over the last few years where premade styles seem to have completely lost any semblence of creativity. Yes, the developers of them will sing the praises of the frameworks behind the styles and the many things they can do, but honestly? I don't care - it's not the framework...
  4. highlander29

    What is your favorite website?

    I'm looking at revising my forum skin and one person I contacted asked me the question - what is your favorite website. I'm like gee - "I don't know"!? I do feel like most of the stock styles I've seen look dated. What are your favorite websites from a style perspective? (forum or otherwise)