status update

  1. M

    Charles, Jordan and I talk about 4.6, future features and achievements

    Hi all, Just in case you missed it, we recently did a live 'webinar' event where we discuss the new 4.6 release, the new achievements feature and spoke briefly about 'Smart Community' coming to a near future version...
  2. Russ

    XenForo cloud (coming soon)

    Looks like XenForo has been working away Cloud services for XenForo: Seeking testers now. No third-party add-ons at the moment but I'm really curious if this will eventually lead to some sort of testing/approval process for...
  3. A

    XenForo 2.3 and beyond

    Just like the previous XenForo 2.1 and beyond and XenForo 2.2 and beyond threads, here we are with a thread dedicated to all the XenForo 2.3 related discussions and rumors. The first XenForo 2.2 HYS was posted on June 1, 2020. Three more days to go and it will be June 1, 2021, do you expect any...
  4. LeadCrow

    MyBB: Looking to the future

    Looking to the Future May 17 2021, by Euan T
  5. M

    Invision Community 4.6.0 Beta 1 released

    Hey all, I thought I'd pop in and let you know that 4.6.0 is available for testing. This release has hundreds of bug fixes, and a handful of brand new features such as: Achievements Web app and Push notifications Anonymous Posting when posting as a member Highlight Topics with replies from...
  6. Zelda

    WoltLab Suite 5.4.0 Alpha 1

    There has been no official announcement, but it would appear the good folks over at WoltLab have published their first Alpha on their support forum.
  7. Zelda

    Wedge - update March 27, 2021

    After 4 years of no development, a small bug fix was applied on March 27, 2021 Full explanation:
  8. tony45

    Invision 4.6 new feature: "Achievements" (gamification :))

  9. tony45

    Invision 4.6 (new!): web push notifications/native sharing/offline support!

    :love::love: Push notifications enabled Grouped push notifications Sharing using native share options Offline support We hope that you are looking forward to these PWA...
  10. tony45

    Invision 4.4.5 (NEW!): Anonymous Posting

    Anonymous Posting For a very long time Invision Community has allowed community owners to choose how open or private their communities should be. Communities could optionally allow guests to post without registering, they could allow the use of pseudonyms or they could require the use of real...
  11. tony45

    Invision 4.5 (new!): sign in with Apple

    Sign in with Apple is built on similar technologies as other login buttons such as those already available in Invision Community from Facebook, Google and Microsoft. The difference is Apple’s unique focus on privacy. On certain community types users can be reluctant to sign up when they fear...
  12. tony45

    Invision 4.5 (new!): Commerce (subscriptions) Trials
  13. M

    4.5: New forum views!

    We're getting really close to releasing 4.5! This blog entry looks at a new "expanded" mode for listing topics inside a forum, and also a revamp of our existing grid view.
  14. M

    Invision Community + Zapier (over 2000 web apps!)

    If you want to connect your community with over 2000 web apps, such as Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Facebook Ads, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot, Discord, Stripe and more without writing a single line of code, check out our latest Invision Community 4.5...
  15. tony45

    Invision Community 4.5 (NEW!): Topic view summary and more!

    A topic is more than a collection of posts; it's a living entity that ebbs and flows over time. Evergreen topics can see month-long gaps between posts and longer topics spanning numerous pages can end up hard to navigate through to find useful content. With this in mind, we've added numerous...
  16. M

    4.5: Mark as "Solved"

    We've had a formal "QA" mode in Invision Community for a while now, but we were often asked for a simpler way to mark a post as the solution without allowing up/down voting of replies and changing how the forum listing looked. Happily, this has now been added to Invision Community 4.5...
  17. M

    4.5 Notification Improvements

    I get a notification! You get a notification! Everyone gets a notification! (Unless you turn them off) As we get ready for the release our mobile app, we've reworked notification settings to reduce confusion and allow mobile app notifications to be chosen. Along with this, we also snuck in a...
  18. M

    Stats and more stats!

    We all love stats, but how useful are they are identifying trends? (That's rhetorical :D) We figured that we should make stats a little more useful by allowing you to view trends. (The full blog entry is...
  19. tony45

    New! Invision Community 4.5: User Interface Improvements

    4.5: User Interface Improvements Invision Community has certainly changed a lot over the years as we've moved through major updates and large user interface changes. While large scale changes offer a dramatic difference, it is sometimes the smaller changes that bring the most satisfaction when...
  20. tony45

    Invision Community 4.5: Simple Stock Photo Picker

    4.5: Simple Stock Photo Picker We have come a long way since the late 90s when someone had the genius idea of using a small yellow smiling face image instead of the more common colon-bracket representation of a smiling face. In Invision Community, there are various places that photography can...