1. mrb1129

    What do you guys offer to be a Moderator if you don't have any money?

    What do you guys offer to be a Moderator if you don't have any money?
  2. Shawn Gossman

    Chain of Command Styles

    When it comes to managing your message forum, what is your style on chain of commands? What I mean by this is let's say you have three staff "ranks" if you will: Administrator Super Moderator Board Moderator Do you leave it like that? If yes, do you have multiple admins, multiple super-mods...
  3. K

    How many moderators / staff does the average forum have?

    Hey guys! I'm a student intern for looking to learn about launching a forum for my internship. We are hoping to build a forum for a supportive community of musicians but I have a couple of questions before we are able to get the wheels turning. How many moderators / staff does the average...
  4. SeanFace101

    Looking For Admin & Staff (

    I have just started a new Q&A help website for all things related to science and i am looking to get another admin on board along with me and either 1 or 2 moderators before i start promoting it and getting regular members. :D This is the link to the website: :D...
  5. Tornado

    Seeking Seeking Content Creator & Promoter

    Name of site (and/or forum): Volt Forums Link to forum: Genre: Gaming & Technology Forum Software: MyBB Total number of posts the forum has received: 710 Seeking (admin/moderator/other): Content Creator & Promoter Paid Position (yes/no): No Why are you requesting staff: We...
  6. Apoclypse

    Seeking Looking for experienced staff/admins for Gaming forum [CentricLegends]

    Name of site: Centric Legends Link to forum: Genre: Gaming Forum Software: XenForo Total number of posts the forum has received: 34k~ Seeking (admin/moderator/other): All staff positions. Paid Position (yes/no): No, this is a voluntary position and you should only...
  7. Shawn Gossman

    Getting more personal with forum staff members?

    Now don't take the title of this thread wrong, I don't mean breaking the comfort zone of your staff members by this thread. I am wondering, have any of you taken the route of actually meeting your forum staff members in person? If so, tell us about it? Who came to who and such. If not, would...
  8. Demon_skeith

    Found/Closed Gaming Moderator and Advertisement

    Name of site: Gaming Latest Link to forum: Genre: Video Game Discussion Forum Software: Latest Xenforo Total number of posts the forum has received: 39,592 Seeking: Moderator and Advertisement Paid Position: yes If Paid, How Much: Payment is reflected upon the effort...
  9. K

    Members/potential users constantly asking for promotions?

    Hey everyone, I currently have this one individual who keeps on bugging me about becoming an admin/moderator. I have tried telling him that we have enough already, its too much work and hes better just posting to contribute, he'd have to be more active but he won't take no for answer. He asks...