1. T

    Which software could work for this?

    So after a couple of good and bad projects hosted on forum software (Xenforo, Invision, PHPBB3, SMF all live and Vanilla just experimental) I am currently on the search for something that fit the profile on the following: RSS-autoposting to forums. So I can get discussions going and fill up...
  2. M

    Best forum software to blend into a WP site

    What forum software is the best for customizing and blending into a WP-based site, as to appear like it's just another part of the site, rather than, say, a separate subdomain?
  3. M

    BEST FB Alternative - existing or framework

    I know there are a few FB alternative networking sites, such as MeWe and Mastedon. I see more shortcomings with all of them than benefits. Has anyone stumbled across a really great alternative for social networking? Has anyone been on a framework-based social site, such as one using Dolphin or...
  4. tekboi

    Downsizing. Looking for Simple Message Board Solution.

    I run a small gaming community and have been using Xenforo for a few years now. And while it's great and we had plenty of fun using it, the usage of the forums has died completely. A while back, we started utilizing Discord as a primary way of communication and now most of the members groan and...
  5. E

    Building software, would like to learn about your forum

    Hello! I sincerely apologize if this thread is off-topic. I’m building software for website and mobile apps content management which is tailored towards communities and forums. I'm looking for forum owners and admins to conduct an informational interview about their forums, how they're built...
  6. W

    How To Recover Money?

    Hello, Me and my partners have been building simple software for business owners to track user engagement and automate their emails. I have had two or these companies now not pay my company and take our software for their use. We have contracts and agreements between us and our client but I am...
  7. MySimS3k®

    Can a new forum software still enter the market?

    There are some massive forum software out there at the moment: myBB, phpBB, XenForo and IPB. vBulletin seems to have died down and personally I doubt it will come back from this. But do you think there is space in the market for a new forum software to enter? Is it possible for a new entrant to...
  8. S

    Best Software as basis for community

    I want to build a new community with a lot of custom coding (because we want features that you won't get normally out of the box). But I don't want to reinvent the wheel. So, things for like user registration or private messages I want to use a CMS-like software as a basis. My favorite...
  9. V

    For a GMP Audit

    Hi to all! I'm taking this opportunity to ask some of you again. This is in connection with our audit. would you know a solution that can assists us with investigations, standards, and improvements? We are not so sure if a gmp software is the answer to comply with our good manufacturing process...
  10. Crazychemist

    Help identifying software

    Hello! I have a small youtube channel and I was interested in a music making software I used a long time ago but I don't know its name, so I thought you could help me :) The software consist of a rectangular black canvas where you can paint with a brush, a pencil, a spray... and when you have...
  11. ProlificHorse

    Nomadic Admin - Advice on Starting a Mature Content Forum?

    * I apologize in advance if this thread would be better off in the hosting section, but I didn't feel it warranted to make two topics when this is all interconnected in my efforts to plan for the creation of my own forum. * Also I'm very long-winded, bear with me. <3 I've been a wandering...
  12. CandyDeFrance

    Nonprofit member management software ?

    Hello, I work as a volunteer for nonprofit organizations. One of them manages its members online :memberships, membership fees, accounting, mass mailings... But I definitely don't trust the website (I don't have any access to the database, the thing is really obsolete and the site is often...
  13. E

    Forum Members to Keep Notes on Other Forum Members

    Does any modern forum software allow forum members to keep notes on other forum members? Let's say, I want to mark some user as something like 'annoying troll' or 'expert at red widgets' I add a note on that user and can see it whenever I see that user's posts. Other members will not see those...