1. Offtopica Forums

    Offtopica Forums

    The domain to the website is 5+ years old and I ended up losing it 2 years back and wanted to do it again and make it better for everyone... So this community is basically from the past, revamped and wanted to start new with same staff.
  2. Gosu

    6 Things Classic Forums should lose to move ahead

    Today I am going to write a few things that I believe are holding the forum platform behind. This goes for all types of niches. I will compare forums like vbulletin to "forums" like Reddit and Quora and why they are successful. You can obviously disagree, in which case I'd love to see your...
  3. Mike Edge

    Found/Closed Hockey Enthusiast? Help beta test Pucksters!

    Name of site (and/or forum): Pucksters Link to forum: Still private Genre: Social Network for the hockey enthusiast. Forum Software: xenForo with many custom changes. Total number of posts the forum has received: N/A Seeking (admin/moderator/other): Beta Testers Paid Position (yes/no): Custom...