social network

  1. M

    BEST FB Alternative - existing or framework

    I know there are a few FB alternative networking sites, such as MeWe and Mastedon. I see more shortcomings with all of them than benefits. Has anyone stumbled across a really great alternative for social networking? Has anyone been on a framework-based social site, such as one using Dolphin or...
  2. Lisa

    How many of you run FB Groups?

    90% of the members here are going to be on TAZ because they own/admin a forum, but how many of you run FB groups. Let's do a poll (because I'm nosy) and find out.
  3. Jason5

    Oxwall will RIP soon?

    Few years back Oxwall was so popular and many used their software to start a social networking site. Now the site powered by Oxwall has come down and there is no major update for a long time. Do you think Oxwall will RIP soon?
  4. Lisa

    Upcoming Facebook Changes

    I know a few here use FB as part of their overall forum structure (as well as some having active FB groups). An author friend of mine was at the recent Developer Conference, where Mark Zuckerberg discussed and shared the upcoming intentions they have. She was good enough to post a video in an...
  5. arabicpoint

    How you manage your Social Network

    Hi, There is a lot of social networks majors are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, how do you manage each of consider that you are one person. You need to set Facebook to get likes for your page, what you put on twitter? The Instagram how it promo your site? Google+ same as Facebook...
  6. Empire

    What is the future of twitter?

    Will twitter be viable in future? Is it worth marketing or making account there? Should people with high twitter follow count be SCARED, LOST and CRY? Is it dying a SLOW PAINFUL death? These seem to suggest...
  7. Beard Profile - a Community of Bearded Men

    Beard Profile - a Community of Bearded Men

    Beard Profile is a newly launched social website. It hopes to bring as much information to people as possible regarding beards. From the beard articles that we write, to the various groups and more, we have a plentiful amount of features to start enjoying. Example of the Dashboard, where you...
  8. Monkey Wrench

    Google killed Google+ pages?

    My Google+ page kinda stopped working since new year. The area where you can post new items isn't a working <textarea> anymore and the control panel button has disappeared. I can't post or edit anything anymore. More people suffering from this? I already noticed the new Google+ design tucked...
  9. Mike Edge

    Found/Closed Hockey Enthusiast? Help beta test Pucksters!

    Name of site (and/or forum): Pucksters Link to forum: Still private Genre: Social Network for the hockey enthusiast. Forum Software: xenForo with many custom changes. Total number of posts the forum has received: N/A Seeking (admin/moderator/other): Beta Testers Paid Position (yes/no): Custom...
  10. marvchristensen

    Social Media Post Popularity

    I run a group of sites that focus on vacations and cabin rentals. My social media posts never get any traction. I am stuck in that spot where I have three or four interaction per post. Any ideas on easy ways to attract high end clients via social networks. I like to think that my social media...