1. A

    How can SEO get me more leads?

    Hi Everyone, I really need your help. and I hope I don't get banned. I'm just a local business owner who wants to drive more leads to my Ecommerce business and drive more sales. Given that the pandemic has been really hard for everyone and I just want to recover. Can someone refer me to someone...
  2. L

    JavaScript Optimize Javascript at Wordpress Template

    Hello, I used a template named "Real Homes" for Wordpress in my website (take a look), but now i want to optimize the SEO and there is a lot of css and javascript. Some ideas for how to do it?? (I use Yoast SEO and WPRocket for optimization, and I have...
  3. R0binHood

    Congrats on TAZ being no. 1 on google for Admin Forum

    Interesting that the top links are Forum Software, Forum SEO, XenForo and Rank/Badges. Seems admins are very interested in ranks and badges? Where's my badge? Now I want a badge. I will patiently await my badge while clicking on other SERPs to affect your rankings and bounce rate until I get...
  4. T

    Google ranking

    I dont understand why my blog post is not ranked in google. I checked my competetors, i have more backlinks, more da and pa, Better post but still google is not rank me up. Any suggestions?
  5. BrandonSheley

    Free SEO SpyGlass from SEO Power Suite

    I'm not sure how long this offer will last but for now you can active a free license for SpyGlass, a blacklink analysis tool. Here is a video I found, I didn't watch the whole thing but it'll give you an idea I'm not sure how long...
  6. BrandonSheley

    Google released a new tool to check your sites SEO

    Google just released this tool, it's currently in beta but it'll still provide some good info.
  7. Miyukichii

    Vbseo Like System

    I've always loved vbseo like system in term of simple function, its features to show on top of the thread the total number of likes and design. But with php upgrade, vbseo broke the site. Is anyone interested in building a stand alone like system similar to vbseo ?
  8. Alpha1

    Analysis and Findings From The August 1, 2018 Google Algorithm Update – Massive Core Ranking Update

    Forget about Panda and Penguin. Google just rigorously changed its ranking algorithm. Article by Glen Cable. Except: On August 1, 2018 Google rolled out one of the biggest algorithm updates I’ve ever seen. It was huge and many sites saw significant volatility across categories and countries...
  9. Shawn Gossman

    Forum SEO in 2018?

    It has been ages since I've really messed around with forum SEO. Now that I'm working on a new forum, I figured I better get my feet wet again. But what is forum SEO in 2018 like? Most of the tactics I used in the previous years have been long cut out of the mix. I figure I should focus on...
  10. T

    SEO Off Page Optimization

    How to build Quality Backlinks? where to get sites to submit backlinks for my site?
  11. DanielGarneau

    Would searching through several Search Engines help increase traffic?

    Would the simple fact of using a given search engine to successfully find a forum or a site contribute to increasing its visibility? Would using appropriate key words to find a site through Baidu, Yandex, and lesser known engines lead them to add my URLs to their data? Why or why not?
  12. Julie Encabo

    How to improve your website's SEO ranking?

    Any tips on how to improve your website's SEO ranking?
  13. BrandonSheley

    Offering $$ Several Wordpress, vBulletin & xenForo Services

    Position requested: vBulletin, xenForo & Wordpress developer, designer & marketing consultant Past experiences: Well over 100 listed on my portfolio page Software you're familiar with: Proficient in vBulletin, xenForo & Wordpress How large, and busy, was the last forum you (helped) manage(d)...
  14. Whitesky

    Which of these types should be NoIndexed on Wordpress site for optimal SEO?

    Hello, so I'm using the popular All In One SEO pack, and read several guides on optimal settings, specifically pertaining to no-indexing and no-following. Every guide typically shows just Pages, Posts & Media. However, my site currently has a ton of post types, so a bit lost here on which I...
  15. TranslaCloud

    TranslationsCloud: GO Multilingual with your forum/website/blog Break the boundaries of countries ! Discover how fast and easy can be having your website in different languages from zero A translation tool is an online site to manage all the translations for your website/forum and more! Any technical knowledge necessary with...
  16. Portalkini


    Portalkini is an online community which is based in Malaysia. Contains information such as news, forex, sports, seo, and many others. So main topix in this forum is FOREX TRADING SEO DISCUSSION WEBHOSTING DISCUSSION MARKETPLACE NEWS AND INFORMATION GOSSIPS So if you are forex trader, Seo...
  17. Shawn Gossman

    Popular Forum Content to Encourage Member Activity

    Popular forum content is the type of topics and posts that get results on a message forum. Popular forum content usually results in a lot of member activity. This is what we usually want as forum owners. We want popular forum content to be posted so that our members start communicating and...
  18. Shawn Gossman

    Popular Forum Content to Encourage Member Activity

    Shawn Gossman submitted a new Article: Popular Forum Content to Encourage Member Activity Read more about this article here...
  19. Shawn Gossman

    Better SEO for XenForo

    Besides the things we all can do to any forum software like content, relevant backlinks and the works... often software specific activities can happen to increase SEO optimization. What sort of things are you doing on your XF installation in order to boost SEO?
  20. J

    The best Content Tips

    I started recently studying SEO and not a secret, that for a big traffic it is necessary to have good content in website.If it isn't difficult, please tell, how many keywords I have to include in it and where I have to place the URL for good indexation.