1. Maxxamillion


    I am looking to sell my baby. Had this domain for years, i managed to get it to peak highly in google for youtube gaming keywords and had a substatial amount of traffic at the time. I was unabel to run the site myself so ultimately had to close it. Its an easy to remember domain and im sad to...
  2. Oblivion Knight

    Selling XenCentral Feedback System (Branding Free)

    Product information: XenCentral Feedback System 2 License purchased: 21/04/19 (updates for 1 year) Total cost: €89,99 (£81.22) Selling for: £65.00
  3. jr09tb11

    Selling Freshly Purchased March 2019 XenForo License + UI.X Pro ($100+ plugins) 9 months left! Cheap!

    Looking for someone who can venmo/paypal. My license was purchased on March of 2019 (9 months of support/update left). I thought I could run a forum, but because of the shortage of time I have in-between work and sleep it's nearly impossible at this time. Also, underestimated how much work...
  4. S

    Selling chat forum

    Selling babbleforum a south african based general chat forum Started 2015 January Revenue $100+ a month (verifiable on adsense) Facebook : 36000 likes YouTube : 16000 subscribers Price $3000 transact via Any questions il answer here
  5. GLucas

    Selling XenForo with Resource Manager

    Selling a XenForo and Resource Manager license for $160. From XenForo the cost would be $225. It would be renewed the day it is going to be transferred so you would have a complete year as if you had just bought it.
  6. I

    Selling Selling 3M Post Community Forum

    I'm interested in selling my website, which has over 3 million posts and has been up for 14 years. The site has a potential for good earnings, but is not currently monetized, it is a help and advice community with a broad range of general discussion topics as well. I'm looking into selling...
  7. insaneadmin

    Selling Gaming Community - take it to the next level!

    Hi there, I am the founder, owner and admin of a long-established gaming community that started over 10 years ago. The link to it is in my signature. It is mainly dedicated to racing games and if you are into those then you know how crazy that genre is in popularity and titles available. But as...
  8. datoneer

    Selling Vbulletin Suite 4.x

    Hello, I'm selling vbulletin suite 4.x. I bought it for $342, i'm willing to accept $120 for the license. Recipient pays $45 fee. Send me a private message if anyone is interested. Thank you
  9. DomainMagnate

    Buying Buying Established Forums and Other Sites with Traffic - $xxx,xxx Budget!

    Buying established forums and other sites with revenue. - site should have at least $50-100 (or a substantial amount of traffic) in monthly revenue to consider, but mostly looking for bigger sites and forums with $xxx-$x,xxx in monthly revenues. - budget in $xxx,xxx, we have investors looking...
  10. ForumsGroup


    I'm listing for $20, & together for $40. Let me know if you're interested in acquiring them.