1. Pete

    Forum platforms not requiring email

    So I recently had a problem member. (The kind that banning doesn’t solve because out-of-band comms with other people and banning just increases their “I’m the VICTIM here” rhetoric) Turns out there were other red flags, like on joining this individual was super super cautious about “who could...
  2. L

    Free Speech Hosts? .. or at least one with a little backbone

    I'm big on free speech and I like to run my forums that way as well. I don't feel its my right, or job, to tell my members, you or Anybody what they can/can't believe in. I 1000% don't believe you should be silenced for discussing your thoughts. I have a bitter Karen out there that stalks my...
  3. Shawn Gossman

    Going old school with ads

    The advertisement behavioral and browser tracking tactics are getting so intrusive these days that now even iOS is changing their policies against them which seems to be angering Facebook. Whatever you believe to be the case, in reality, ad display is based on smart technology that tracks us...
  4. tony45

    Invision 4.4.5 (NEW!): Anonymous Posting

    Anonymous Posting For a very long time Invision Community has allowed community owners to choose how open or private their communities should be. Communities could optionally allow guests to post without registering, they could allow the use of pseudonyms or they could require the use of real...
  5. Codemaster Jamal

    Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (Age Issues)

    Hello, my name is Codemaster Jamal and I'm an indie game developer. I recently developed my own website for my company called "MW Industries - Game Development and Software". I am currently working on a Monster Catching MMO, and this site will essentially become the headquarters of it. That...
  6. tony45

    Invision 4.5 (new!): sign in with Apple

    Sign in with Apple is built on similar technologies as other login buttons such as those already available in Invision Community from Facebook, Google and Microsoft. The difference is Apple’s unique focus on privacy. On certain community types users can be reluctant to sign up when they fear...
  7. U

    Checking if my forum comply with GDPR

    I would like to know, how I can check if my forum comply with GDPR, example, if a user is not able to delete own account is that breach of GDPR ?
  8. MagicalAzareal

    US ISPs claim not letting them sell user data violates their free speech This takes shamelessness to a whole new level...
  9. R0binHood

    Google inadvertently opens two new 'Incognito' mode detection methods to publishers after patch

    Fascinating article here on how Google accidentally opened two new methods for sites, of particular use to paywalled ones, to detect if a user is in incognito mode after they tried to patch another method. One of these is already being used in production by the NYT. Quite cleverly one uses the...
  10. doubt

    These Android apps have been tracking you, even when you say stop
  11. zappaDPJ

    Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger I use WhatsApp daily so I'm a little concerned how this might affect my privacy.
  12. U

    Online privacy (lack of!)

    A couple of experiences recently have opened my eyes a bit. I came off Facebook completely last year, as in, requested a complete deletion of my account. Then my forum's "Log in with Facebook" stopped working because, oops, I forgot I needed a FB account to create that app and I'd done it with...
  13. Banxix

    NameCheap now provide free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection

    It surprised me today when I read news from email that NameCheap WhoisGuard Privacy Protection is now free - forever. Maybe charging $2.88 a year do not bring well profit anymore so they decide to make a move to attract more customers, like myself...
  14. G

    whois search

    i think this should be covered. i looked up a whois search can it find my potential sites ip can it give addresses ect just need to know ill do more research i value my privacy!
  15. XtremeConditions

    Facebook Login App Setup?

    So I was looking into having the option to register/login to my MyBB forum using Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Seems like Shade's MyFacebook Connect, MyTwitter Connect and MyGoogle+ Connect will do the trick, at least as far as free plugins go. So I went to facebook to get the API info etc that...
  16. Alpha1

    Do CDN services spy on your users and sell their data to third parties?

    I see there are CDN services that offer free service / bandwidth. I wonder if their business plan is similar to AddThis which tracks what your members write and sell this data to other parties. Do CDN services spy on your users and sell their data to third parties?