1. E

    Looking for a plugin

    Im looking for a plugin that gives users the ability to post on my page and inset images , after that the images should show up in a slide.
  2. Golddisk

    A Plugin to Allow Front End Content Creation?

    Hey, So I am currently looking for a preferably free plugin that allows me to setup my site for users to write articles (mostly for guest writers) in the front end of the wordpress, as giving them contributor level abilities so they can access the back-end area to make their posts is not...
  3. DavidThomson

    custom plugin

    Where is the best place to hire a developer to do a quick plugin job?
  4. LPH

    The Importance of Testing a WordPress plugin

    One of the greatest challenges to developing and releasing a WordPress plugin is the different environments the plugin ends up residing. Code that works in one environment can completely fail in another. Differences in PHP versions, PHP.ini settings, WordPress versions, activation of other...
  5. Tecca

    Amazon Affiliate Link Rewriter?

    Hey guys, Now that I'm back to using my XenForo installation more often, I was wondering if anyone has managed to use find something that rewrites Amazon links posted by members to add affiliate tags. I imagine most use JavaScript and that would be fine, but something a little more extensive...
  6. E

    GeSHi for WBB?

    Is there a working GeSHi Syntax Highlighter plugin for WBB? I am planning to convert from VB3.8 and I actively use GeSHi there. I know there is GeSHi plugin for XenForo, but is there one for WBB?