1. CrazyTech

    Essential MODs for phpBB?

    Anyone have some ideas on MODs they'd consider essential for phpBB?
  2. G

    phpbb v mybb liscense

    know this has been asked a zilliion times but the gentleman who goes by aboyd he said something along the lines where mybb has no gpl or bsd and phpbb does and that you are "locked in with mybb" what does he mean? honestly i like mybb better...
  3. M

    Vanilla 2.2 or phpBB 3.1?

    Vanilla 2.2 or phpBB 3.1, what would be your choice to set up a new forum? And why?
  4. viper33884

    Universal phpBB Ranks 1.0.1

    I can add ranks to this set upon request, the color will remain similar to this set, more sets to come to match other forum colors and custom colors. The color is based on the base forum template from phpBB, new versions/colors coming soon, while these ranks match the phpBB templates they can...