phpbb 3.x

  1. CrazyTech

    Essential MODs for phpBB?

    Anyone have some ideas on MODs they'd consider essential for phpBB?
  2. DanielGarneau

    WYSIWYG editor for PhpBB?

    Hello, Is there a phpBB 3.1.10 compatible mod or extension or plugin for inserting basic URL links into a post similar to XenForo? I spent several hours this week browsing through the list of PhpBB mods, and failed at finding anything.I also googled around a bit, but was not sure what key...
  3. DanielGarneau

    Advice on Securing PhpBB 3.1.9, before going live with a new forum ?

    Hello everyone at TAZ, What advice would you have to give me for securing my new PhpBB 3.1.9 forum, before I make it publicly available to humans and robots? So far I installed and activated the "Stop Forum Spam" extension, and created niche related questions for the "Sortables Captcha"...