1. eva2000

    PHP PHP 7.2.0 RC5, 7.1.11, 7.0.25 & 5.6.32 CVE security fix releases

    PHP 7.2.0 RC5, 7.1.11, 7.0.25 and 5.6.32 all released with security CVE fixes My comparison benchmarks :)
  2. eva2000

    PHP PHP 7.2.0 Alpha 1 Out Now

    The next PHP version 7.20 Alpha1 has been released Long way to go before stable but looking good from quick benchmarks I did while adding multi PHP-FPM version support via Remi SCL PHP-FPM Yum repo in my...
  3. Paul M

    PHP7 Compatability

    As you are probably aware, I'm working on updated vB3 & vB4 versions for PHP 7 compatability. There is no official QA resource available for vB3 or vB4, so I'm looking for anyone who is interested in running the code to iron out any issues that may have crept in. Note that this is to test...