1. Study Force

    Help with AJAX, PHP code

    I have the following code that changes something in the database via AJAX. When the input checkbox is checked, the database variable updates, and the message "Your Profile Has Been Updated!" appears to the end-user. It currently is embedded in a PHP file, hence all the backslashes. <script...
  2. eva2000

    PHP PHP 7.4.0 released

    PHP 7.4.0 has been officially released now I did some benchmarks comparing to previous PHP versions at and also added PHP 8 dev benchmarks with/without PHP 8 JIT at...
  3. Dewlance

    What to do before learning PHP?

    Hi, I am not sure but I think If you want to become a PHP programmer than first you will be need to some other programming? Which one? Someone said that first learn that language(Maybe C or C++) so it will be easy for you to learn PHP. Is this true? Thanks.
  4. kolakube

    Rekindling an old passion

    It's funny to say that programming has been my life's work since I started at a young age (I suspect that's the case for many here as well), all of which got started by building forums. I learned the basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and MYSQL from building many forums on vB, IPB, and even...
  5. Igneous

    [XF1] ID Problems - Broken Model?

    I'm working on a custom addon and I'm coming across issues with editing & deleting. Its only returning information about the first row in the table no matter which row I click on. All of the rows have different IDs (15, 16, 17 etc as an example) but whenever I click on any of them, it only...
  6. J

    Nginx Nginx doesn't pick the right php-stack in location

    TL;dr I created a location block (/de/forums/) outside of the nginx root folder but the php gets sent to the php compiler inside root so there is a directory mismatch. It wont take the defined php stack inside the new location block. Help! The location block /de/forums/ works, but just for...
  7. eva2000

    Nginx Configuration tips to improve Centmin Mod LEMP stack performance

    Seeing as there are some folks here using my Centmin Mod LEMP stack, I thought I'd share a quick guide I wrote for configuration tips to improve performance beyond the out of box automatic optimisations already done. In theory these configuration tips can provide an additional 5-40% improvement...
  8. eva2000

    PHP PHP 7.2.0 RC5, 7.1.11, 7.0.25 & 5.6.32 CVE security fix releases

    PHP 7.2.0 RC5, 7.1.11, 7.0.25 and 5.6.32 all released with security CVE fixes My comparison benchmarks :)
  9. S

    Best Software as basis for community

    I want to build a new community with a lot of custom coding (because we want features that you won't get normally out of the box). But I don't want to reinvent the wheel. So, things for like user registration or private messages I want to use a CMS-like software as a basis. My favorite...
  10. eva2000

    PHP PHP 7.2.0 Alpha 1 Out Now

    The next PHP version 7.20 Alpha1 has been released Long way to go before stable but looking good from quick benchmarks I did while adding multi PHP-FPM version support via Remi SCL PHP-FPM Yum repo in my...
  11. TranslaCloud

    Welcome to me :)

    Hello everybody my name is Niko, and I am a webdeveloper + webdesigner. Introductions are always difficult because you never know what to say.. so maybe I can talk about my experience ? I started 7 years ago on a forum hosting service and that helped me a lot with my coding and technical...