1. A

    XenForo 2.3 and beyond

    Just like the previous XenForo 2.1 and beyond and XenForo 2.2 and beyond threads, here we are with a thread dedicated to all the XenForo 2.3 related discussions and rumors. The first XenForo 2.2 HYS was posted on June 1, 2020. Three more days to go and it will be June 1, 2021, do you expect any...
  2. biggazillakilla

    Current consensus on permissible length of editing time for a post? Hi, everybody. I run a forum th

    Current consensus on permissible length of editing time for a post? Hi, everybody. I run a forum that's not nearly as active as it used to be (much like many others I imagine), but there are sections that are quite active. I started the forum in 2000, and we hit 1,000,000 posts this year. In...
  3. Triangulum

    Brand New Forum = Legal considerations for administrator making all the content

    Hi everybody, I took down my rather unsuccessful 3-year-old forum back in March and since then, I've been thinking of ways to restart it from scratch, and basically try to do the opposite of everything that didn't work last time. One of the reasons I took the site down was because I was paying...
  4. Kentaurus

    Struggling really hard to find a reason to go XF2

    I let a good 6 months pass since 2.0 was released, and now I'm looking at my upgrade path. I can tell that the prospect of upgrading is highly unappealing. It just doesn't seem that there is something there. I remember upgrading from vBulletin 1 to 2, it was massive. Private messages, polls...
  5. R

    Anyone know why most of the internet seems to hate stuff like furries,Bronies and such?

    Because i have seen on the internet many people seeming to hate bronies and furries and such [videos removed by admin]
  6. Anonymous

    Purchased IPS, and so far not happy.

    I've used IPB before, and was excited to purchase it. A week later, not really happy with it since you can't even it's really lacking in both features and community.
  7. Sockio

    vBulletin 5 Connect: is it worth it?

    The title says it all. My friend and I have been avid fans of a not-so-known book series since it's release several years ago. We have noticed that there isn't much of an online presence for the series and its author in the regards of social media. So we have decided to create a basic community...
  8. Shin Ryoku

    GDPR - What does it mean for the forum owner?

    See: http://privacylaw.proskauer.com/2015/12/articles/european-union/a-primer-on-the-gdpr-what-you-need-to-know/ It seems like all or most of us with forums that include EU members or guests will have to comply with the GPDR. I am unclear whether this means that we will have to delete all a...