1. J

    Users not receiving notification emails

    Hello, I have been running a successful phpBB forum for the past 20 years, and one of my biggest problems has always been users complaining that they're not receiving notifications from the board when their questions are being replied to. I checked their notification settings, they are...
  2. Matt M

    4.5 Notification Improvements

    I get a notification! You get a notification! Everyone gets a notification! (Unless you turn them off) As we get ready for the release our mobile app, we've reworked notification settings to reduce confusion and allow mobile app notifications to be chosen. Along with this, we also snuck in a...
  3. ForumApps

    XenForo Notification System

    I noticed that there aren't any proper notification systems for XenForo and I am unable to understand if there is no need for such an addon or you don't see existing solutions provide any value for your forum. I saw one from OneSignal released here and was poorly written and there is one from...