1. we_are_borg

    How i'm helping a project start a new forum

    At the moment I’m doing volunteer work for a project, this project has a website with their project on it and a forum. The project it self had some help of professional developers to kickstart the project. But the forum was just an little extra until this year, they wanted to make the forum...
  2. Gosu

    Web Development niche earning through a forum?

    I have a Youtube channel based on Web Development tutorials where I average 1000 to 8000 views per video. I make around 1-2$ per 1000 views on Youtube. I have never owned a blog before just forums. How is earning from Youtube different from earning on a blog. I have a lot of interest in this...
  3. G

    unique niche ideas

    hi i know this is a lazy question an ill do the the work of course but i need help getting started. as you all probably know by now im an LGBTQ advocate but the issue is their are tons of sites centering around my niche. for example i heard its mostly a waste of time to start a gaming community...