1. tony45

    Invision 4.5 (new!): Commerce (subscriptions) Trials
  2. hurricane_sh

    Donation or Premium Membership

    This forum for fun, the members are very loyal and appreciate what I do. They check in daily, some stay for hours, the forum is important to some members. They seem to know that the ads don't cover the bill, but there are discussions about adblocker despite that the members only see one ad at...
  3. T

    Thought on Membership Levels

    Hi All, New to the Forum and being a Forum Owner/Admin. Russ has been helping me build a XenForo IR Photography Forum. I am totally clueless on most all the inner workings so He's been quite a GodSend and has great Patience. My main struggling point is setting up registration and...
  4. PoetJC

    Selling merch on your site/forum...?

    Who sells merchandise on the websites/forums? I've created some 30+ items that I'll be selling on my forum as a means of generating revenue and supporting the community with continue enhancements/upgrades/XF licensing/etc... I wonder how many other have done such a thing. If you have - can you...
  5. Kathy

    Premium membership. What do you offer to your members?

    Do you use the idea of upgraded membership for a fee/subscription payment? What kind of benefits do you give to subscribers? On my vb 2 board, we customized it so that some usergroups have avatars but normal registered members don't. Payment provides: avatars, photopost gallery usage...
  6. XtremeConditions

    Anyone tried reddit advertising?

    A lot of places are saying that it just isn't worth it, including some vids I saw on YT with some good extensive testing of reddit ads. But at the same time, I figure for like $5 of minimum advertising, how much would I have to lose? I've tried to subtly promote my site on a reddit post and got...