1. CrazyTech

    Essential MODs for phpBB?

    Anyone have some ideas on MODs they'd consider essential for phpBB?
  2. lurkalot


    Some questions regarding Portal mods for SMF. Do you still use a portal mod on your SMF forum? What makes you choose one portal mod over another? What do you mainly use the portal for? What features would you like to see in a portal mod? What portal mod do you use, and why?
  3. M

    XenForo or Vanilla or SMF? Please help me choose the right forum based on plugin availability

    I am looking for forum software that would allow me to: 0. automatically create profiles using social connect (Facebook, Google, Twitter, OpenID) 1. admin - create templates for certain items which then users may trade, buy or sell (externally - the forum is only for them to connect, not to...