1. DigNap15

    What is MyBB like for mobile?

    I am an old school desktop user. I am looking at startig a new forum with a polling based niche. What is MyBB like on mobile - look on screen, touch etc, as I think that most users nowadays are on mobile
  2. E

    Mobile experience for forums

    Hello! I've seen many threads with complains about not having good mobile apps for forums. But here is a question. Is forum actually suitable for mobile? It takes some thoughts and time to start a good forum thread. It also takes some time to read through posts and add a good post with high...
  3. E

    Building software, would like to learn about your forum

    Hello! I sincerely apologize if this thread is off-topic. I’m building software for website and mobile apps content management which is tailored towards communities and forums. I'm looking for forum owners and admins to conduct an informational interview about their forums, how they're built...
  4. R0binHood

    Why can’t forum devs make a decent mobile app?

    At least twice now, sole developers have made quality mobile apps for reddit on their own. There was Alien Blue, which was bought by Reddit and relaunched as the official app. Now there’s Appollo, which has blown up since it was originally released and is consistently getting massive regular...
  5. BrandonSheley

    Google will now index mobile before desktop!!

    You really should stop ignoring your site on mobile. ;) A blurb from the official google webmaster blog, go check it out.
  6. ForumApps

    XenForo XenForo Native Mobile Apps 1.0

    Are you tired of hearing your users complain about how your forum looks when browsing via mobile devices? How about the fact you have no real native mobile app in place? Don’t want to give out your private forum data to Tapatalk anymore? Gone are the days of your users' data being on third party...
  7. John L.

    Amino: Is it the future of forum culture?

    I've been part of and started community forums for a long time. Going back to my early high school days I would join various online forums for a variety of topics. I've joined so many different communities over the years that when my birthday rolls around I'm reminded of them all thanks to those...
  8. ibaker

    XenForo Modern off canvas menu system 1

    This completely new, different, modern and very much mobile friendly menu and navigation system has been running on my own site for nearly a year now and the 10,000+ users absolutely love it. I am releasing it here in the interest that others may like to enhance it and post there enhancement...
  9. Karll

    Do we want a 4G phone?

    Christmas is looming, and I have to figure out something for my wife. She could really use a new phone. Not that I can really afford anything very expensive. (Hoping to spend less than £75.) So, should I go for a 4G enabled phone? Will 4G phones work on 3G networks as well? How do 4G plans &...
  10. LeadCrow

    Google to punish sites with annoying 'install our app' prompts

    Mobile-friendly web pages using app banners 1 September 2015