mental health

  1. Mental Health Talk

    Mental Health Talk

    My forum is just over 4 months old and is already starting to grow. We aim to provide support and understanding for those with a mental health condition. Also plenty of off topic categories too.
  2. Talk Depression

    Talk Depression

    Talk Depression is a world wide community for peer mental health support. A safe and understanding community for people to reach out and talk about mental illness. If you are struggling and need to talk, our peer to peer discussion platform makes this possible. You can even remain anonymous if...
  3. zoldos

    post exchange with general lounge and mental health support forum!

    Post Exchange Quantity:- 3/3 or 5/5 daily on-going Site Name/URL:- The Syndicate Lounge Site Description:- General coffee house/lounge, and member's only mental health discussion/support Further Information:- Free, no ads!
  4. zoldos

    88x31 Affiliate button exchange with mental health and general lounge forum

    Link Exchange or Affiliate:- Affiliate button exchange Site Name/URL:- The Syndicate Lounge - Site Description:- Mental Health support and general lounge/coffee house Information:- I am interested in exchanging 88x31 affiliate buttons with the other forums!
  5. The Lifespot

    The Lifespot

    Lifespot is a fun and free general chat forum. We try and keep conversation flowing and constantly provide our users with new topics to discuss. Founded in October 2018 we are boasting 27 members who have contributed 1,789 posts. If you are looking to find somewhere to talk about money...