1. Michael Chunn

    New Forum - Seed Members

    I'm new to this forum and also new to starting my forum. Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else but what is the best methods you have found to get the initial set of members to get the new forum started?
  2. Timeout

    Handling photos of deleted members

    I am running a photo-related site and i'm not sure how to handle uploaded photos of users which quits their membership on my page. There are three realistic szenarios: user quits - all of his photos are deleted automatically in principle the easiest way but gives you a lot of lost content as...
  3. XtremeConditions

    Zero Success in Three Months... How To Attract Members!?

    So I've pretty much used all the avenues I could really think of to attract members to my forum, but I can't seem to get any new members. I've posted on my several facebook pages (each has almost 1000 likes), I've posted on other forums I was already active on, with the link in my signature, and...
  4. M

    Vbulletin paid upgrades

    I want to create a paid upgrade for members on the forum. I have a Vbulletin. My question is how do you keep track of when their upgrade subscription needs renewed?
  5. 3phase

    Do the members run the forum - or do you?

    Having read threads about admins/mods who would like to put a stop to certain behaviors (language, aggressiveness toward other members, etc.) but hesitate to do so out of concern for alienating members ... Are you worried that if you enforce rules and standards you'll lose members? Do you take...
  6. JFKAssassination


    Hi!, everyone Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew? Gotten in way over your head?, etc., Well, I am beginning to realize those sentiments heading into my 4th month of building a forum. Little did I know it would be so demanding. Not in terms of time as much as finding and securing...