1. D

    Smf is very popular. It has more live sites than xf, Ipb and other paid forums. I am very impressed. I knew that Smf was popular, but I had not expect this. I suspect that will the final release of 2.1. it will become even more popular. Well done Smf guys.
  2. fixer

    PS4 really smoked the XB1, More than double the units moved

  3. is_it_me

    The watching 'vBulletin's market share nosedive' thread.

    I remember when I last looked at digitalpoint’s cookie report on commercial forum software, vB was on just over 70% market share, and I thought at the time, I wonder how long it will take to drop below that 70% mark. Now, I see they are down to 68.3%, but I can’t remember how many weeks ago I...