1. tokyoice

    FTP Client for Mac OS?

    Hey all, I've been using Fetch FTP ( since around 06, 07 - I love it - works like a treat. Unfortunately, it is now starting to run a little bit slow, and every time I open, I receive an error stating that the software is not optimised for the Mac. Also, I read somewhere that...
  2. tekboi

    Apple doesn't care about their Devs and Creative Pros

    So, I've been a Mac user for over 12 years now. My first Mac was a PowerMac G4 (the good old PowerPC days). I loved it. It was great for the design work I did. Naturally, I stuck with Apple over the years. Bought an iMac in 2011 and loved it because of the IPS panel display and the all-in-one...