1. bigpapapascarab1

    New Site Look (Poll)

    Hi thank you for your insight. Just take a few minutes if you have time to tell me which look of the site you like best. My site is about scarab beetles (ie dung beetles, rinoceros beetles, may beetles, japanese beetles, goliath beetles etc.) I can't decide if my beetle logo should be blue or...
  2. G

    can i claim copyright

    (us law) not to get political but i am an LGBTQ activist. and i want a rainbow for my site logo that says LGBTQ pride. if i draw it in gimp can i claim copright its just i see it everywhere tattoos parades.
  3. Karll

    Fair price and parameters for a custom-made logo?

    How much would I have to pay someone who knows vaguely what they're doing to make me a decent logo? Also, which "parameters" would it be important to specify? Minimum pixel dimensions? That the background needs to be transparent? Preferred colours?
  4. Dr.Who

    Logo Feedback / Suggestions!

    I need some logo help! Not looking for anything free, other then some advice. :) 2 years ago when I started my forum i was into more retro styling. The theme I had in site also suited it well. So I developed a basic retro badge logo: As the site progressed so did the theme, and a new logo was...