1. Liam

    Found/Closed xenForo + Media Gallery License for Sale

    Hi. Bought a new license a couple of months ago for a project which wouldn't see the light of day today, so I decided to sell the license. This includes the following: xenForo License (bought last July 7, 2021, updates valid until July 7, 2022) Media Gallery License (bought the same time as...
  2. Carbonzxc

    Found/Closed Looking for Xenforo License

    Hello, Im looking for Xenforo license. Payment will be done with Paypal. Looking license for my gaming community so i need the best price. No extra plugin or other stuff needed only forum license is enaugh for me. Offers are welcomed. Thanks!
  3. Lizzie Johannah

    Found/Closed I'm looking for anyone willing to sell me their vBulletin 4.x license(s)

    I couldn't find a way to edit the last topics title, it said "for" instead of "4" which made it look like I was trying to trade licenses, which is not the case, I'm trying to pay someone money for them. I've been looking for somewhere I can find two vBulletin 4.x without expiration for a...
  4. Lizzie Johannah

    Buying I am looking for anyone who is willing to sell me their vBulletin for licenses.

    I've been looking for somewhere I can find two vBulletin 4.x without expiration for a cheaper price than buying two vBulletin 5 licenses for $250 each, just to get the vBulletin 4 licenses from them There is another user here that might sell me theirs, but if anyone else has an offer, I would...
  5. Lizzie Johannah

    Is there any transfer fee for a first transfer of vbulletn version 4 licenses?

    I've been doing some research on this, so I would be completely knowledgeable before preceding with any second-hand vbulletin purchases, but I've run into some conflicting information. Is there a transfer fee for vbulletin version 4 licenses? I read that most people say that there is not a...
  6. Karll

    How much to pay for expired Xenforo licence?

    How much should I be paying for an expired XF licence? Only one owner, about 4 years old, mint condition!
  7. jr09tb11

    Selling Freshly Purchased March 2019 XenForo License + UI.X Pro ($100+ plugins) 9 months left! Cheap!

    Looking for someone who can venmo/paypal. My license was purchased on March of 2019 (9 months of support/update left). I thought I could run a forum, but because of the shortage of time I have in-between work and sleep it's nearly impossible at this time. Also, underestimated how much work...
  8. Fireal

    Buying WTB: Xenforo 2 License

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Xenforo license. Have one for sale? Send me a PM and lets make a deal! :) Thanks!