1. \o/

    Discussing drugs

    I have been considering to start a forum which would have at least one section about psychedelic drugs and experiences with them. However, I understand that this could quickly devolve into a drug trafficking community. Is there any way to prevent me being in legal trouble here, in addition to...
  2. C

    eu forum liability from member messages?

    Hey all, I'm really having no success searching for this so I decided to ask here. I'm sorry if this the wrong category. I want to make a forum where people can post their reviews of restaurants/shops/places etc in my country. There are some big facebook groups at the moment that do exactly...
  3. Triangulum

    Brand New Forum = Legal considerations for administrator making all the content

    Hi everybody, I took down my rather unsuccessful 3-year-old forum back in March and since then, I've been thinking of ways to restart it from scratch, and basically try to do the opposite of everything that didn't work last time. One of the reasons I took the site down was because I was paying...