1. Kinmunity


    Kinmunity is an online community and resource website for otherkin, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, the other individuals who have non-human identities. It was initially founded to to be both a resource hub and friendly community for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires. As...
  2. Christforums


    .... a Christian Protestant community forum whose members espouse the Apostolic doctrines in the Biblical theologies.
  3. haqzore

    How do you "introduce" Clubs to your members?

    Most people know what a 'forum' is, its purpose, general layout, etc etc. Clubs aren't as widespread or "expected" when people join a forum. How do you introduce Clubs to your IPS communities? What does your thread say? What examples of benefits / purpose / etc do you give? Appreciate any &...
  4. Pandemixx

    Rekindling an old passion

    It's funny to say that programming has been my life's work since I started at a young age (I suspect that's the case for many here as well), all of which got started by building forums. I learned the basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and MYSQL from building many forums on vB, IPB, and even...
  5. S

    Stay away from Invision Power Services and their products – it's a shady and greedy company

    Okay, this is going to be a long rant about Invision Community, aslo known as IPS or Invision Power Services, Inc. and Invision Power Board (IPB). If you don't want to read it all, the tl;dr is that Invision Power Services is a shady and greedy company that you should not do business with...
  6. Nuno

    Found/Closed Selling IPS Community Suite 4.0 with Forums + Blogs + Gallery + Pages

    Hello, I'm selling IPS Community Suite 4.0 with Forums + Blogs + Gallery + Pages The licence is expired, but I’ll renew it when I sell it, so you will have full 6 months of support after purchase I'll pay the renew and transfer fees. Price at IPS: $340 My Price: $220 Savings: $120