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  1. Joel R

    Invision Community's innovative list of tactics for engagement. One of them was so innovative, it's like not engaging at all!! Invision Community recently published a list of official tactics to create engagement. They were groundbreaking! I was blown away by how innovative and daring they were...
  2. Joel R

    IPS will reject you if you're too sexy New feature as part of their 'smart community' that uses AI to scan user images across a series of categories like adult; suggestive and racy; visually...
  3. Joel R

    IPS: Your passion will cost $1068 per year. And you won't be even be a pro. That's a more expensive plan. You're just the cheap passionate.

    The Pro plan costs $1788 per year. The main upgrade for paying the extra $720 is seeing who is typing back to you about your passion all year. If you have the passion but don't care about who is talking (because, like, maybe your passion is boring and nobody is actually visiting), that's...
  4. W

    Price hike, no more ticket support - enough signals from Invision

    The announcement of a price hike combined with no more ticket support is reason enough for me to reconsider my strategy. I rarely need ticket support, I usually solve the problems myself. But having no ticket support for a software is simply a no-go for me. And having a newsletter that tries to...
  5. M

    Charles, Jordan and I talk about 4.6, future features and achievements

    Hi all, Just in case you missed it, we recently did a live 'webinar' event where we discuss the new 4.6 release, the new achievements feature and spoke briefly about 'Smart Community' coming to a near future version...
  6. M

    Invision Community 4.6.0 Beta 1 released

    Hey all, I thought I'd pop in and let you know that 4.6.0 is available for testing. This release has hundreds of bug fixes, and a handful of brand new features such as: Achievements Web app and Push notifications Anonymous Posting when posting as a member Highlight Topics with replies from...
  7. tony45

    Invision 4.6 new feature: "Achievements" (gamification :))

  8. StateDOG

    Jumping back in... so what Software to use? XF or IPB?

    Full disclosure, I used to run a forum powered by Invision and loved it. My last version was 2.0.2 I think. So it's been quite a while. But it's time to jump back into the game and I'm trying to decide what software to use. XenForo wasn't a player back then when I was into it. I like the...
  9. tony45

    Invision 4.6 (new!): web push notifications/native sharing/offline support!

    :love::love: Push notifications enabled Grouped push notifications Sharing using native share options Offline support We hope that you are looking forward to these PWA...
  10. Gordon_Ramsay

    No access to previous versions of IPB

    Absurd that if you do not renew your license, you are not able to access even the previous versions of the software that you had access to.
  11. M

    Invision power services is pulling a fast one on their customers

    Pay more get less. Thats IPS new business model since version 4.5. Some of you probably already know but i have not been using IPS for quite some time. Well i decided to start a new website in 2021 and found that IPS is the best software for the job. Xenforo is also very nice but for this...
  12. B

    Why there is so much animosity about IPB on TAZ?

    This is something that I have noticed for a long time btw. I was wondering as to why is that? It looks like Taz is playing favorites here by placing xf over all the other forums. Should someone not prise xf here, they get muted and even banned in some cases. Whereas if people go over board by...
  13. Nabix

    After 10 years, I'm done with IPS

    The direction in which Invision has decided to take with their software has left me with no other option but to seek other venues unfortunately. I will most likely be switching over to Xenforo because of the availability of support and access to 3rd party developers. With the recent changes at...
  14. tony45

    Invision 4.4.5 (NEW!): Anonymous Posting

    Anonymous Posting For a very long time Invision Community has allowed community owners to choose how open or private their communities should be. Communities could optionally allow guests to post without registering, they could allow the use of pseudonyms or they could require the use of real...
  15. ibaker

    Sick of IPS Support

    I am so sick and tired of IPS Support...they are in my opinion one step off useless as they don't read support posts and today is a pure genius of an example of their arrogance and contempt against their customers Simply i was advising them of a fault ON THEIR OWN SITE I have just now created...
  16. tony45

    Invision 4.5 (new!): sign in with Apple

    Sign in with Apple is built on similar technologies as other login buttons such as those already available in Invision Community from Facebook, Google and Microsoft. The difference is Apple’s unique focus on privacy. On certain community types users can be reluctant to sign up when they fear...
  17. tony45

    Invision 4.5 (new!): Commerce (subscriptions) Trials
  18. M

    Want to test drive Invision Community 4.5?

    While we put the finishing touches to a few features, we have set up a preview site so you can test out the new features, leave your feedback and make a note of any bugs you spot. Head over now to the Invision Community Alpha test site. Please be aware that this test site is running in...
  19. M

    4.5: New forum views!

    We're getting really close to releasing 4.5! This blog entry looks at a new "expanded" mode for listing topics inside a forum, and also a revamp of our existing grid view.
  20. M

    Invision Community + Zapier (over 2000 web apps!)

    If you want to connect your community with over 2000 web apps, such as Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Facebook Ads, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot, Discord, Stripe and more without writing a single line of code, check out our latest Invision Community 4.5...