1. Miyukichii

    How to auto redirect http to https urls

    Hi! i know you can do it within .htaccess but what would be the right url that would automatically redirect http to https urls ?
  2. eva2000

    Nginx Not all Nginx servers created equal: comparison HTTP/2 HTTPS & non-HTTPS Benchmarks

    Ran some Nginx static HTML benchmarks + Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS benchmarks using my forked wrk load testing tool, wrk-cmm and nghttp2's h2load HTTP/2 HTTPS load testing tool for comparing several LEMP stack's Nginx web server offerings from Centmin Mod, EasyEngine, Webinoly, VestaCP, and OneInStack...
  3. Panzer Max

    Setting up for https, how will it affect vb 3?

    Looks like we will need to install the SSL certificate for https, and I am told that will mean a lot of changes to existing html where relative links were used. How will this affect our vB 3.8.4 forum? Has anyone done this? Maybe you can tell me what to expect. :)
  4. eva2000

    Nginx HTTPS users, how many are using Brotli compression for performance?

    Curious how many HTTPS users also deploy Brotli compression instead of Gzip to reduce their static web page assets' sizes ? Centmin Mod Nginx server uses can enable Brotli compression over HTTPS to reduce their web page static asset sizes and save on bandwidth...
  5. eva2000

    Nginx Centmin Mod Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS Migration Guide

    As there's many users here are using my Centmin Mod LEMP stack with Nginx for their sites and forums. I wrote a guide for existing Centmin Mod Nginx HTTP users for migrating to Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS with free Letsencrypt SSL certificates For Xenforo...
  6. Jim McClain

    SSL Is there a guide to convert from http to https?

    I have a number of websites on my Apache server, all running http, including my forum. I would like to convert them all to https prior to (or at the same time as) switching my vBulletin 3.8 forum to some other software. Is there a step-by-step guide that will walk me through the process? Is...
  7. Karll

    Problems related to enabling SSL / HTTPS on a forum

    I want to enable SSL on my forum, but have not done a lot of research yet, and was hoping I could get some pointers here before I start: Are there any negative consequences of switching over, and how do I avoid these? E.g. if I understand correctly, hot-linked images from non-SSL sites will...