1. L

    Windows or Linux server hosting? Ultimate debate

    I've read dozens of articles on which OS to choose for hosting and still, I want to hear more opinions. Can you maybe throw some tips from your personal experience?
  2. andieandie

    AdminAndie from Staysia's Spot here! Shared, Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha Reseller Post2Host

    Hello! I have been browsing this forum for years now but just recently started my own web hosting business. I realized that all the web hosts that used to offer post2host were gone, and I think 2019 deserves to have it back! I am currently looking for ways to promote my hosting, especially...
  3. Starion

    Seeking host for MyBB Forum (my first Forum)

    I'm starting my first forum & deciding to go with MyBB after reading up a lot. I've used phpBB, VBulletin, and a few others as a member for ~15 years; but never as a mod or owner, making a helpful host with great service & response access worth a few extra bucks to me. I've read through quite a...
  4. Starion vs. better host?

    I'm starting my first forum & deciding to go with MyBB after reading up a lot. I've used phpBB, VBulletin, and a few others as a member; never as a mod or more, making a helpful host worth a few extra bucks. 1) What's your experience with hosting? I found very few reviews...
  5. AndyD

    free/cheap but reliable hosting solutions, any recommendations?

    Hello, I am a noob blogger and running a blog. I post everything about blogging from zero as a newbie. Aside from trying to earn a living from it, the reason why I started the blog is to help those newer bloggers to get started with ease. I build and host the site by myself, using the combo...
  6. tokyoice

    Shared Regular Hosting vs 'Wordpress Hosting'?

    What is the actual difference in a regular hosting vs Wordpress hosting? is it pretty much the same hosting, but cleverly marketing?
  7. iressh

    VPS Is this specs okay to run xenforo?

    Going to buy 20GB Disk Space 512mb memory 1 core cpu CentOS 7 w/cPanel from A2 hosting, is this enough to run a forum like 20k+ members? or suggest me a good host?
  8. Jim McClain

    Liquid Web acquires WiredTree

    A few days ago, I got an email from Liquid Web, Inc. I am not a customer of theirs. I checked into them quite a while back because TAZ recommended them through an affiliate link in the footer, but their prices were not within my budget. I was quite surprised see the subject and first paragraph...
  9. Anonymous

    Legality of an Anime Streaming Site?

    You know as of the last couple of years, I've been watching more and more anime. One of favorites of all time is DBZ, so of course the new Dragon Ball Super is right up my alley as an example... But then I realized, the places where I watch these things are privately owned sites with embedded...
  10. G


    Just been looking at NameCheap shared hosting again that I used up until last month and see they are offering some good deals. The "Budget" Hosting package I used which served me just fine, and I paid about £30 for it last two years in a row. They are offering a deal for just £6 for first year...
  11. King G

    Best annual hosting plans

    I need to find a host. I found a domain name but now I need a host. What do you consider the best annual hosting service? I only want to pay yearly not monthly. How would shared or cloud hosting work? should I stick with that? Any good annual plans for shared cloud hosting? Thanks
  12. B

    What can i do more to increase traffic?

    I have started a reviews directory site for different IT based software and cloud technology. How would i can get more promotion and traffic for my website
  13. Doctor 404

    Cloud Where can i host a Gaming Community?

    I'm running (Or at least soon i'll be running) an Spanish Roleplay community for GTA San Andreas: Multiplayer. The thing is that i have to connect my UCP somewhere and i'm looking to do it on a Cloud Hosting package which should ensure a 95% if not 99% of Uptime (For the time being, as i don't...
  14. ProlificHorse

    Nomadic Admin - Advice on Starting a Mature Content Forum?

    * I apologize in advance if this thread would be better off in the hosting section, but I didn't feel it warranted to make two topics when this is all interconnected in my efforts to plan for the creation of my own forum. * Also I'm very long-winded, bear with me. <3 I've been a wandering...
  15. vpsBoard


    vpsBoard is an active community discussing topics related to VPS servers and web-hosting in general (though VPS, Dedicated Servers and Colocated hardware are the main topics of interest). We're a fast growing community that just turned two years old at the beginning of this month (March 2015)...