hate speech

  1. Alfa1

    EU proposing online hate speech laws, and to make sites proactively remove content

    from the if-you-thought-Copyright-Directive-was-bad,-just-wait-for-Digital-Services-Act dept One of the reasons that Techdirt and many others fought so hard against the worst ideas of the EU Copyright Directive is that it was clearly the thin end of the wedge. If things like upload filters and...
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    Beto O'Rourke wants to ban internet forums hate speech

    Safe harbour and hate speech on internet forums has become a talking point in the 2020 Presidential Election. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/16/politics/beto-orourke-plan-gun-violence-white-nationalism/index.html
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    EU bans hate video in next step against online platforms

    A new EU Directive has been signed into 'EU law'. PE-CONS 33/18 It amends the Audiovisual Media Services Directive to limit hate speech, incitement, hatred, violence and harmful content, protection of minors. Countries have 21 months to implement it into national law and are allowed to create...
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    India, Malaysia, Philippines join a growing list of countries banning Hate Speech & Fake News

    India is preparing to tighten regulations to deal with an expected escalation in social media-driven hate speech in the lead up to next year’s poll. The Election Commission of India has established a panel to examine the growing use of platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube and recommend...
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    Hate Speech crackdown spreads to Cloud Hosting

    The tech industry’s crackdown on content from right-wing users spread this week from social media platforms to behind-the-scenes companies that do not typically take on free speech issues, a sign of heightened aggressiveness ahead of a planned far-right gathering this weekend inspired by the...
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    US Senate threatens laws on disinformation, hate speech, fake accounts, data protection

    In response to election meddling, Facebook data breaches, other social media issues and unsatisfactory response from Zuck, the U.S. Senate intelligence committee hawk Mark Warner (D) has circulated this policy paper threatening new regulation. I have attached the whitepaper. A lot of thought...