1. PoetJC

    Implemented TAZ should have #hashtags

    Extremely simple suggestion. I don't know if it's been made and/or discussed already. But ... Yeah! I think such a modification as HashTagging would be quite a useful functionality addition for TAZ. Yeah yeah yeah... There is already the 'Tags' functionality - but actually #hashtagging in...
  2. Lisa

    Monitoring your Facebook Pages

    If you're running an online community, there's a high likelihood you also have a Facebook Page to take advantage of Social Media (in the hopes of it sending traffic to your forum). Obviously, there's the Insights tab available to monitor how your page is doing but (and I don't know about anyone...
  3. arabicpoint

    Is hashtags becoming the next keywords

    Hi, I`m wondering is hashtags becoming the next keyword for search engine. I started to think that keywords started to be less poplar and less effect compared to hashtags. What you think?